MTV's The '70s House

Season 1 Episode 4

Car Wash

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Jul 26, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Car Wash
The remaining contestants compete in a disco-style Car Wash where the cast must all wash cars while dancing to 70's music.The first one from either team to quit dancing would lose the challenge for their team and go into the elimination round.

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  • I am so glad....

    That my favorite person in the house aka my future wife...Lynda surived the elimination game against that ugly girl who doesn't know about a single thing about 70's prices. HAHA. It was a very interestintg episode where the gang did a pop 70s quiz and that low life won the quiz challenge. I'll tell you what...Lynda will be back in action in the next episode.
  • Today's Lawyers Controlling the 1970's ?

    The series started out with such promise and seems to be losing speed each airing. The 'talk' of the 1970's is WAY exaggerated and no more real than every ethnic person talking in "jive" in the 80-90's, or everyone being a "Beatnik" in the 1960's and using phrases like "Daddy-O".

    Dawn is just extraordinarily annoying. There's no way THAT kind of personality either exists in any decade or survives them. Even the pacifist hippie would have had a hard time not taking that girl down. Hey, world peace right?

    So here's an episode with a car wash challenge of endurance which involved a Richard Simmons knock off and non-stop dance while washing the cars. Now, if it was REAL 70's, there's be a challenge called "hands on", where everyone plants their paws on a car, gets a 5 minute break every hour and until then, must have at least one hand on the car, at all times. They can't climb on the car and cannot sit anywhere.

    ----- These competitions pretty much got blown away by lawyers for people filing lawsuits claiming whatever lawyers could come up with -----

    People would go for DAYS without sleep and some would suffer pretty severe health complications as a result. There was almost always claims of hallucinations which (of course) caused the last few people to remove their hands and then swear that they didn't.

    A 4+ hour dancing car wash? Cookies and milk to the people who survived the 'hands on' stuff.

    Meanwhile, a test given to everyone only proved to a nation how far below standards our schools are. The Bicentennial occured, according to one, in 1972. Forget the history, how about basic math? "Centennial"? 100 years ...."century"..."centennial" Hmmm? So, American bi-centennial, let's see, this country was founded in 1776 - meaning our bicentennial was 200 years later ("bi" = 2). 1976.

    OK, so maybe history and math weren't her strong points, but not knowing 3 presidents of the 1970's? Eisenhower???? Heck, even I don't remember Eisenhower! Um, by the way: Nixon, Ford and Carter.

    She lit her light in the subsequent "game show" competition naming prices of everyday items (Life cereal, toothpaste, milk and eggs) back in the 1970's, so hey, this generation is shopping if not studying. I'm just not sure if she really figured out the mark up of these things or if she has no idea what they cost even now and was just winging it all the way.

    The talk show host "Bert" is as corny as ever, the set both of the house and the game show is a combo of everything extreme. Extremely bad!

    Just to remind everyone, this IS a t.v. show. We didn't all dance like that (some of us refused to disco at all and counted the days until 'disco died'), we didn't all talk like that (and actually, they're missing some of the things we DID used to say) and we wouldn't have decorated our homes like that any more than anyone would have done "southwest" wall to wall, room to room in the 90's, or shabby chic non-stop and ad nauseum. Our endurance contests were participated in by lawyers - not run by them.

    Someone really should look into a lawsuit against Dawn though. Isn't she violating some code of good taste or something?????

    Well, it's worth staying tuned, just to see what else gets twisted, magnifyed or made up altogether. It's still fun.moreless
Andrea Monier

Andrea Monier


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Drew Droege

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Adam Cohen (III)

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