MTV's The '70s House

MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • Andrew Wins!
      Andrew Wins!
      Episode 10
      Andrew and Joey compete in different series of games. Every game is a different year. The outcome was that Andrew wins.
    • Tiger Beat
      Tiger Beat
      Episode 9
      The cast competes in a '70s style tiger beat pin up magazine challenge, where they will take pictures for the front cover of a magazine. After they take the pictures they will then be judged in front of a large high school audience.
    • Five Sticks of Dynamite
      The cast competes in a '70s-style singing contest in front of a crowd of shoppers. The group has just a little bit of time to write lyrics to a song for the group to sing. Each member must also sing a solo within the song. The audience will vote for the best singer by each dropping a dollar into their favorite singer's hat. The singer with the most money will avoid the elimination round.moreless
    • Roller Boogie
      Roller Boogie
      Episode 7
      The 70's cast compete in a 70's style exercise competition in a mall.
    • You're So Vain
      You're So Vain
      Episode 6
      The '70s cast competes in a beauty pageant, hosted by Erik Estrada. The winner would have immunity from the elimination round.
    • Love Boat
      Love Boat
      Episode 5
      The gang is a little uncomfortable and not to mention bored, after living in the 70's for a while. Soon, Dawn separates the crew into two teams (red & blue), to play a game of matchmaker while being on a gorgeous yacht. The gang is then invited to a Tiki-themed campfire, to then realize two guys are given the green-light to the elimination round by doing some Tiki limbo. Either get low, or get lost.moreless
    • Car Wash
      Car Wash
      Episode 4
      The remaining contestants compete in a disco-style Car Wash where the cast must all wash cars while dancing to 70's music.The first one from either team to quit dancing would lose the challenge for their team and go into the elimination round.
    • Dodge Ball
      Dodge Ball
      Episode 3
      Once again, Oscar throws in a gnarly challenge. The housemates are playing against a team of 5 mondo-muscular wrestlers from the WWE: Hardcore Holly, Mark Jindrak and Charlie Haas from Smackdown; Maven from Raw; and Booker T from WCW. Feeling a bit small next to these macho superstars, Andrew dubs himself "The Pebble." Because they're obviously not going to win, their goal is simply to stay on the court for the longest time.moreless
    • Disco Duck
      Disco Duck
      Episode 2
      The remaining contestants are split into male and female teams and must each develop a group disco dance performance in a club playing music from the 2000s. They real judging isn't until they see Oscar.
    • Welcome to the 1970s
      The 12 contestants arrive at their new pad thinking that they are going to be on a Real World-type reality show only to be duped as they are greeted by host Dawn and shown the shag carpeted splendor that is The ‘70s House. Right away the contestants must learn the groovy new ‘70s slang as they unload all of their modern loot, from iPods and cell phones, to makeup and beauty products. Just like in “Charlie’s Angels”, Oscar communicates their missions to the contestants via a small black box on a desk. First challenge is a basketball tournament complete with mini-shorts! How long can they last? Who will be the first to be sent home?moreless