MTV's The '70s House

MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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  • saw the preview but that it would be a waste a time, but proved me wrong.

    i didnt think i would enjoy this show but i have to say that i did. 12 kids from different states were taken from the 2005 and were brought to the 1970s. week after week, kids were eliminated for being the least 70s. every week's challenge had to do with the 70s. one episode there were non-70s items planted around the house and when the kids saw them, the items looked foreign. there were some instances when the kids would slip and mention something that didnt exist in the 70s and it jeopardizes them. they risked themselves and were sent to the elimination round and battle. the one who wins are able to come back to the house. the show is now over. now i wonder will there another season of this show. i guess we have to wait to find out.