MTV's The '70s House

Season 1 Episode 9

Tiger Beat

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Aug 30, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Tiger Beat
The cast competes in a '70s style tiger beat pin up magazine challenge, where they will take pictures for the front cover of a magazine. After they take the pictures they will then be judged in front of a large high school audience.

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  • Ice Cream is the 70's?

    Hmmm, drinking strawberry sodas is 1970’s? I missed that one too I guess.

    I’m starting to wonder whether or not these guys will be able to shake the 70’s mode once they leave. Oh, let me be there when the hustle starts playing in an elevator after this is over.

    Dawn’s outfit was authentically retro, we actually wore those little jumpsuits (and long-

    Pants jumpsuits too). Poor Leif Garrett, tapped to appear in this cheesy show, like other ‘child stars’ washed ashore in drugs and booze many years ago and then dried out and recovered. Looking very good (for his age), it’s got to be awfully difficult to see kids young enough to be HIS kids not have a clue as to who he was or hot very, very hot he was. The voice of experience here: Not one of us “really” believes that aging will happen to US. Oh, we “know” it will, but we don’t really believe it.

    The photo shoot was as boring as it gets. Can they find nothing for these kids to do? As they picked their photo subjects, we go back to the ice cream. Why is that “70’s” ? Do they really think there was no ice cream in the 60’s? Or the 50’s? Or heck, did ice cream go out of style in the 80’s and 90’s? I’m not sure the producers are going for this, but these kids just look pretty dumb week after week. Like “duh” dumb. Corey was probably the best, most authentic 70’s look with the bright, psychedelic hearts in the background and him looking like a Partridge Family singer, guitar in hand. When anyone who was ACTUALLY IN the 70’s looks at those photos, that would be the one we’d see and say “Ah Ha! The 70’s!”

    The people at Tiger Beat Magazine (I’m stunned that they’re still around!) arrange a high school audience that’s laughing from the get go and not laughing WITH these guys, but quite obviously laughing AT them. I was happy to hear that the voters made the right selection (Andrew and Corey).

    Sarah and Joey bring Andrew into the elimination round (not fair!). Mrs. (two houses down, one across, weird neighbor) serves up spaghetti o’s, which did hit their popular stride in the 70’s and DO look as nasty as that. Like tomato soup with over-done pasta rings. Andrew loses out and gets tossed - after winning the earlier competition, this just isn’t right! Now I don’t just hate Dawn and her smarmy, sickly sweet, NOT 70’s drone, but I’m not feeling friendly toward any producers who so obviously manipulate their end candidates based on something other than fair play. MTV should be ashamed of themselves. I know I am (ashamed) for watching.

    Well, this too, just like the 70’s, must end. Soon!


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