MTV's The '70s House

Season 1 Episode 6

You're So Vain

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Aug 09, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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You're So Vain
The '70s cast competes in a beauty pageant, hosted by Erik Estrada. The winner would have immunity from the elimination round.

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  • Please stop. Please, please stop.

    It's not like passing a car accident and having to look; it's not like seeing a fight and having to watch (at least a little). This is like being IN the car accident or a victim OF the fight. It hurts! Please make it stop!

    There's a talent show with NO talent. If they at least followed the premise of The Gong Show (yeah, some of ya might want to Google that) it might have been funny, but in this instance, it was just awful. Awful I tell you! Pull the plug!

    OK, the astrology thing and the making crepes were perfect, spot on! YES - that was the 70's! In fact, there were entire lines of frozen crepe dinners (why not get some of them in addition to the bottom of the barrel choices they're making in t.v. dinners now). There were ham, broccoli and cheese crepes - not horrible. There's were dessert crepes and heck, even a sort of 'anytime' or snack kind of crepe. To be honest, I've never seen those t.v. dinners they're eating. Producers really needed to hunt for the worst of the worst there.

    We all knew what sign we were, but that's not much different these days. I guess it was the cheesy line every guy asked in the bars, "Hey, what sign are you?". Like people say 'Whass'up' these days (or whatever), the opening greeting of the 70's actually seemed to be "What's your sign?"

    ----- SEEMED to be ------

    The dress style was finally perfect - just as nauseating in this show as in 'the day'. Kind of like the fabric shops tossed cookies, but hey, we were also viewing the world through kalidescope eyes too.

    I don't even want to mention Dawn - nails on a chalk board, chewing foil, complete exaggeration, cartoonish, buffoonish 'Dawn'. Oops, I mentioned her. Well, enough of that.

    Again, the show doesn't so much reflect the flavor and campiness of the 70's as it echoes the lack of education in these kids. From insisting Gerald Ford was a "great man" to attributing a Dr. Seuss book (Green Eggs 'n Ham) to the 70's (let's visit the 50-60's next and really see some culture huh?) - it's like the earth didn't even start until these dolts became self-aware.

    The BEST part of the show is doing The Hustle (they're actually getting it better) at all hours and still seemingly sound asleep! For that alone, I'd tune in only to hear them plead, if just in their minds, PLEASE STOP. PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!

    Ah well.... just like the 70's, it's gotta end sometime.


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