Mucha Lucha!

Season 3 Episode 17

Blue Demon (aka The Magnificent Three)

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 2005 on The WB



  • Notes

    • Signature Moves:
      - Buena Girl and Cheetah Bonita use the "Buena Bonita Beauty Barage" to put La Crying Woman's Ghost into a spa chair, and the word that pops up is "MAKE OVER".
      - The Flea and Dr. Terrifico use the "Super Rudo Under the Cheek Sneak" which makes a "¡POOT!" noise, and the smell short-circuits Mi Robot Aztec Mummy, and he goes "MEGA BOOM".
      - Rikochet and Blue Demon Jr. use the "Pulverizing Octopus" where they join heads and grow octopus arms and toss Los Monstros at the moon, shattering it.