Mucha Lucha!

Season 3 Episode 4

Dawn of the Donuts/Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Horchata

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Dawn of the Donuts: Everyone is evacuating destroyed buildings in the town. Buena Girl and Rikochet are fainted and covered in donuts. The Flea says he is responsible for this as he tells a story. The Flea is working in the cafe for a 3 AM shift. Mr. Flea is telling him how to make donuts and says The Flea must wash his hands. The Flea hates that, so doesn't. But then the dough just turns into a live donut. The Flea will not eat the donut, but names it Sprinkles. The Flea brings his new donut friend to school. Everyone wants to look at Sprinkles. Sprinkles wants to visit his friends at the Bagle Shop (the Flea can speak pastry). The Flea is really happy to have Sprinkles, but then takes a bite out of him. Sprinkles runs off. The Flea will wait all night until he returns. Sprinkles returns to the cafe and looks at a picture of the Flea eating a donut and gets mad and brings all the donuts to life. - COMMERCIAL BREAK - Soon, all the donuts in the city joined the team as they tried to take over the world. Rikochet and Buena Girl realize Sprinkles is the team leader so they go after him, but they get beaten by the rest of the donuts. Thus ends the Flea's story. But then The Flea eats the donuts, freeing Rikochet and Buena Girl. Then a guy spills coffee and notices the donuts run away. He then speaks of a coffee kingdom, since that is the donuts' weakness. They are making a coffee hose to take out the donuts. Then it's time to face Sprinkles in the cafe. Then they realize Sprinkles has grown superhuge. Now it's time to face Sprinkles. Rikochet and Buena Girl go right through the hole, but The Flea tries to reason with Sprinkles. He apologizes for trying to eat him, and is forgiven. The Flea promises not the bite Sprinkles again, but then eats him entirely. But that saved the town. Rikochet and Buena Girl are cleaning up the mess when The Flea has a queasy stomach. - MORE TO COME -