Mucha Lucha!

The WB (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Blue Demon (aka The Magnificent Three)
      Rikochet, Buena Girl, and The Flea must rescue Blue Demon Jr. from a group of vampires who'll be at large during the solar eclipse.
    • Mars Madness/Fears of a Clown
      Mars Madness:
      The Luchadores travel to Mars in a pyramid and discover the Pathfinder and a creature are acting up.

      Fears of a Clown:
      Coco Dementos the Clown goes to the circus and is sad and scared as he is reunited with his former clown crew, who had destroyed an orphanage with a pie.moreless
    • Smarticus/Niko Sushi's Happy Battle Funtime Dome 3000!
      Rikochet tries to become a gladiator at a gladiator-themed arena.

      Niko Sushi's Happy Funtime Dome:
      Double Ninja Ninja, El Gundamo, Sonic Sumo, and The Flea compete on Niko Sushi's Happy Funtime Dome, a game show that no has ever won.
    • Call of the Mild
      Call of the Mild
      Episode 14
      Rikochet, Buena Girl, Flea, Megawatt, and Francisco of the Forest face off against Irgwin and his evil genius buddies in a camp race while evading the Lost Luchadores, a bunch of young campers who got lost and have mutated into half plant, half wrestler beings.
    • Getting His Goat/10 Rounds of Trouble
      Getting His Goat:
      Rikochet and his Abuelito travel to a small town where Abuelito is being honored. Rikochet is tempered by a goat and he ends up trading places with him. Rikochet must get back in his own skin before he has to introduce Abuelito to the town.

      10 Rounds of Trouble:
      The Luchadores must save Snow Pea from the Hairy Knuckles Academy in 10 minutes before he's unmasked in front of the crowd.moreless
    • Asphalt of Doom/Hot, Hot, Hot
      Asphalt of Doom: The Luchadores and Prima Donna Hodges' crew enter a derby for some fabulous prizes and a chance for their pictures on a poster. Hot, Hot, Hot: It's the hottest day of the year and Igloca has stolen all the ice. It's up to Rikochet, Pierre del Fuego, and Zero Kelvin to get the ice back. Unfortunately, Pierre del Fuego and Zero Kelvin can't stop arguing with each other.moreless
    • A Mucha Mucha Christmas (aka The Match Before Xmas)
      Rudo Claus, Santo Claus' evil twin brother, and his team of Chupracabras tries to take over Christmas by giving only those who've been bad gifts. Only Buena Girl is left to rescue Santo Claus with a pink eye she got from a pink-eyed Chupracabra that works for Rudo Claus.
    • My Hairy Knuckles/Brains Meets Brawn
      My Hairy Knuckles:
      Buena Girl makes Heavy Traffic into a new luchador, Union Jack.

      Brains Meets Brawn:
      A mix-up takes place between the Lucha School and the Evil School. The evil guy at the Lucha School, Maestro del Mundo, defeats every wrestler, including the Headmistress.
    • I Was a Pre-Teen Chupacabra/Carnival of Masked Terror
      I Was a Pre-Teen Chupacabra:
      A new hair product is in store, and The Flea puts on too much, and everyone thinks he's the Chupacabra.

      Carnival of Masked Terror:
      Minotauro defeats a champion wrestler, whose mother puts a gypsy curse on him.
    • Whole Lotta El Reys (aka A Whole Lot of El Rey)/Doomien
      Whole Lotta El Reys:

      The Flea wants an El Rey doll of his own. So, Rikochet makes an El Rey doll for The Flea, which unfortunately, wants to be with Ricochet. The El Rey doll creates more copies, and now Ricochet must battle them, even if it involves ruining his favorite chili.


      After winning a match, Ricochet and Buena Girl get into a huge arguement and split up. Rikochet tag teams with Snow Pea and Buena Girl with a new kid named Doomien, who is not what he seems. He's really a creepy little Luchador with connections to the underworld.moreless
    • Slamazon and On.../Buena on Wheels
      Slamazon and On...:
      Buena Girl goes back to her Slamazonian roots and is chosen queen. She enjoys being queen, until she finds out that every 100 years the Slamazon Queen is sacrificed to the Volcano God!

      Buena on Wheels:
      There's a new superstar at Rollerlucha named Rollerita. Rikochet and The Flea think it's Buena Girl in disguise.moreless
    • Big Worm/Medico Mayhem
      Big Worm:
      Mr. Flea is on his annual fishing trip and The Mascaritas join, it turns out 'one' got away, although it's not a fish. It's a giant worm named Gordo Gus! Mr. Flea's trying to get his belt back from within him.

      Medico Mayhem:
      The Flea injures his spleen, he must go to the hospital where an evil doctor plans to pull out his aching spleen with his 'Luchamonster.' The Flea must stop him with the help of his organs!moreless
    • Field of Screams/Banditos de los Muertos
      Field of Screams:
      Mysterioso Grande returns to haunt the Luchadores again, but this time in the real world.

      Banditos de los Muertos:
      The Flea upsets the Banditos de los Muertos and is caught in the realm of the dead.
    • Dawn of the Donuts/Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Horchata
      Dawn of the Donuts:
      The Flea forgets to wash his hands before making donuts and (by forgetting it) he mades a donut that comes alive, so he calls him "Sprinkles." One day, he tries to eat Sprinkles, so Sprinkles tries to escape and revive all the donuts. Rikochet and Buena Girl were tied in donuts and The Flea frees them. Finally, Flea tells Sprinkles that he is sorry, it seems that The Flea eats Sprinkles completely at the end.

      Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Horchata:
      The Flea wants to buy a stinkbug and he tries to find his piggy bank to buy it. But, he finds out that a pirate crew led by Captain Long John Black Hook Pegbeard steals his piggy bank. Rikochet, Buena Girl, and Tibor the Terrible help the Flea to get his piggy bank.moreless
    • Monkey Business/Dare to Lucha
      Monkey Business:
      This episode starts out with a gorilla fight. Afterwards, The Flea thinks he could beat the gorillas in a match. A zoo employee mistakens Flea for a monkey and tryies to capture him. He lands in the gorilla's cage. The gorillas don't take kindly to him invading, and try to attack. The Flea tries to run away and calm them down. Then, they think he's the king amd make him King of the Monkeys. Rikochet and Buena Girl try to get Flea out of the gorilla's cage by challenging him to a match. After a long battle, Buena Girl wins it and becomes Monkey Queen, but then they all get kicked out of the gorilla cage.

      Dare to Lucha:
      The show starts with a match up between Perro Salvaje and Rat Man. Perro and Rat Man go back and forth with dares, and the match starts. Rat Man takes the win. After that, Cindy Slam talks trash about Rikochet, and they dare eachother to a Lucha match, imitating the show, Dare to Lucha that they just watched. The match is held in mid-air with piranhas, man-eating clowns, and more. The cage floor opens, and they almost fall to their death. They end up on the a giant octopus and almost fall in the water. While in the legs of the octopus, Cindy apologizes and they tag team the octopus. After a fierce fight, Cindy and Rikochet win.moreless
    • Spider and the Flea/The Incredible Penny Plutonium (a.k.a. Penny Panic)

      Spider and the Flea:
      The episode starts with a fight for the Most Dominant Species belt. It's Los Maniferos vs. Los Insectos. Los Insectos wins and gets the belt, but it is suddenly taken away by the Black Widower. Black Widower takes the belt and threatens to take their masks too. Los Insectos have to get the belt back or otherwise they'll get expelled. In the end, they get the belt back and discover the Black Widower was actually The Defeated Wrestlers.

      The Incredible Penny Plutonium:
      Penny is sick of being just smart & not strong too. She thinks she'll never win a fight. The Flea suggests she should make a formula in her dad's laboratory that will make her extra smart and strong. While in the laboratory, The Flea bangs into the shelf with dangerous potions on it. The chemicals touch Penny and she turns into a huge and powerful monster. The Flea, Rikochet, and Buena Girl go into her head and help her win the fight. Penny uses her brain power to defeat the monster.

    • Buena Basura/Shamrock and Roll
      Buena Basura: The Flea wins a special wresting match called the Grand Garbage Grapple for three consecutive years, but this time, Buena Girl must take The Flea's place. Shamrock and Roll: A leprechaun that resembles Rikochet secretly ruins Rikochet's reputation by making it look as if Rikochet is doing the bad things.moreless
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