Mucha Lucha!

Season 1 Episode 11

Honor Thy Lucha/Clinche

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Honor Thy Lucha/Clinche
Honor Thy Lucha:
Rikochet discovers the consequences of stealing a trading card courtesy of Phantasmo.

Flea's two-faced cousin Chinche wins over his friends and Flea is jealous which results in competition for friendship!

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    Candi Milo

    Candi Milo

    Flea, Headmistress, Mama

    Carlos Alazraqui

    Carlos Alazraqui

    Rikochet (Season 1 & 2)/Mr. Midcarda

    Kimberly Brooks (II)

    Kimberly Brooks (II)

    Buena Girl/Snow Pea/Cindy Slam

    Michael Donovan

    Michael Donovan

    El Rey's Action Figure

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Where was the Code of Masked Wrestling in this episode? Did Buena Girl leave it at home during these two episodes?

      • In "Honor Thy Lucha," Rikochet was in his leotard when he was heading to Minotauro's house to give him back the golden El Rey trading card, but when he got there, Rikochet was back in his pajamas.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Rikochet: Snow Pea's gonna get stuck in concrete because I stole the card?
        El Phantasmo: No, I just thought it was funny.

      • (Chinche is hanging on to a branch above a 6-foot drop)
        Flea: So Chinche, what do you have to say now?
        Chinche: Um, help!
        Flea: Not good enough!

      • Flea: (After hearing why Chinche hates him) But it was a great gift. You did wear diapers back then.

      • Chinche: I'm sorry, Buena Girl and Rikochet, my poor cousin Flea has always had an overactive imagination!
        Buena Girl: Yeah, like when at the time he said the toaster oven was stealing his shoes!
        Rikochet: Or when he said that the bus stop sign was insulting his mask!
        Flea: That was a very angry bus stop sign!

      • Rikochet: Because of me, Snow Pea is stuck in cement?
        El Fantasmo: Actually, this has nothing to do with what you did, I thought you might get a kick out of this.

      • Minotoro's Mom: Minotoro, come down stairs. Mama's got another present for you.
        Minotoro: (Sighs) Coming, Mother. (To Rikochet) I'll be right back. Check out my Land-o-Lucha trading card collection in my closet.

      • El Fantasmo: I am El Fantasmo, the ghost of Honor, Family and Tradition.
        Rikochet: What about donuts?
        El Fantasmo: No, he's over there.
        Ghost of Donuts: (Eating donuts) Hello!

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)