Mucha Lucha!

Season 3 Episode 3

Monkey Business/Dare to Lucha

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2004 on The WB
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Monkey Business/Dare to Lucha
Monkey Business:
This episode starts out with a gorilla fight. Afterwards, The Flea thinks he could beat the gorillas in a match. A zoo employee mistakens Flea for a monkey and tryies to capture him. He lands in the gorilla's cage. The gorillas don't take kindly to him invading, and try to attack. The Flea tries to run away and calm them down. Then, they think he's the king amd make him King of the Monkeys. Rikochet and Buena Girl try to get Flea out of the gorilla's cage by challenging him to a match. After a long battle, Buena Girl wins it and becomes Monkey Queen, but then they all get kicked out of the gorilla cage.

Dare to Lucha:
The show starts with a match up between Perro Salvaje and Rat Man. Perro and Rat Man go back and forth with dares, and the match starts. Rat Man takes the win. After that, Cindy Slam talks trash about Rikochet, and they dare eachother to a Lucha match, imitating the show, Dare to Lucha that they just watched. The match is held in mid-air with piranhas, man-eating clowns, and more. The cage floor opens, and they almost fall to their death. They end up on the a giant octopus and almost fall in the water. While in the legs of the octopus, Cindy apologizes and they tag team the octopus. After a fierce fight, Cindy and Rikochet win.moreless

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    Candi Milo

    Candi Milo

    Flea, Headmistress, Mama

    Jason Marsden

    Jason Marsden

    Rikochet, Mr. Midcarda (Season 3)

    Kimberly Brooks (II)

    Kimberly Brooks (II)

    Buena Girl/Snow Pea/Cindy Slam

    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil

    Gorilla Referee, Perro Salvaje, Zookeeper

    Recurring Role

    Candi Milo

    Candi Milo

    Cindy Slam

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When the host gives Cindy Slam the microphone, she puts it her mouth and it is dirty. Then when the host jumps back in the ring, it is clean again.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Huev-O: Let's see what the audience is thinking!
        (To Rikochet) So, Sparkley, who's your fave on Dare to Lucha?
        Rikochet: Well, Huev-O, my dinero's on Salvaje! He's an inspiration to us all, and I feel -
        (Cuts to Flea)
        Huev-O: What about you, Dirtloaf?
        Flea: The Flea is all about Rat Man, man!
        (To Buena Girl)
        Huev-O: What's up, Chiggy Chica?
        Buena Girl: Oh my gosh! Huev-O, you're the best! Oh my gosh! I LOVE YOU HUEV-O!
        Huev-O: Wow! We have a real fan here!
        (To Cindy Slam)
        Huev-O: What about you, cutie?
        (Cindy eats his microphone)
        Huev-O: I didn't even have to dare her!
        (Cindy then belches the microphone back up)

      • Cindy Slam: I'm not going to waste time with you idiots.
        Buena Girl: I dare you!
        Rikochet: Yeah! We dare you to waste time with us!
        Cindy Slam: I dare you to shut up!!

      • Buena Girl: (Speaks like a monkey)
        Rikochet: You're starting to scare me...

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