Mucha Lucha!

Season 3 Episode 3

Monkey Business/Dare to Lucha

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2004 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Huev-O: Let's see what the audience is thinking!
      (To Rikochet) So, Sparkley, who's your fave on Dare to Lucha?
      Rikochet: Well, Huev-O, my dinero's on Salvaje! He's an inspiration to us all, and I feel -
      (Cuts to Flea)
      Huev-O: What about you, Dirtloaf?
      Flea: The Flea is all about Rat Man, man!
      (To Buena Girl)
      Huev-O: What's up, Chiggy Chica?
      Buena Girl: Oh my gosh! Huev-O, you're the best! Oh my gosh! I LOVE YOU HUEV-O!
      Huev-O: Wow! We have a real fan here!
      (To Cindy Slam)
      Huev-O: What about you, cutie?
      (Cindy eats his microphone)
      Huev-O: I didn't even have to dare her!
      (Cindy then belches the microphone back up)