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  • This is more dumb then the fairy odd parents.

    It also sucks, who would want to watch this? Maybe mental hosptal people. Just kidding, but it is one of the worst shows ever. I am glad this was cancled, but that was too good for it. The film should be locked away for all time, in a undergound vault.
  • Two words: SUPER SH*T

    Why did I watch a show about three not real mexicans just waste their lives with crappy sayings. Im glad that they took it off Cartoon Network!

    THis show is crap, and it is also mocking mexicans. Thats all I would have to say about this show. Thats that, amen.
  • Dont Watch

    By far Cartoon networks lowest rated show. Theres not much laughs, not good graphics so, i've never liked it. Most jokes i've seen have been impossible, like how dos somes head go up to the ceiling. Its never really had good ratings.

    This is a show you shud flush down the toilet!Dont Watch.
  • this all most seems racist

    Yes you did read my summary right I think that this show is some what racist toward Mexican’s I'm not even Mexican I just personally think that it makes Mexican’s look stupid and some of my best friends are Mexican. Take the flea for example he’s Mexican right but all he does is rolling around in dirt and then well when I think about it they seem to take some body from a different culture put them in a mask and make them do stupid things all thou many of you out there like this show I find it offensive toward every culture.
  • "Lousy" doesn't even begin to cover it...

    ¡Mucha Lucha! is possibly one of the worst shows on television. As if the predictable storylines and obnoxious characters aren't bad enough, the entire cartoon thrives on bathroom humor. I don't know about anybody else, but I thought fart jokes lost their charm somewhere around third grade. This show is nothing but mindless, unentertaining filth. Don't even waste your time.
  • donot wach this show even if you life depended on it

    *shakes head sadley* tsk tsk tsk i have 1 question did they try to make it bad?? i donot know who would come with such a stupid idea this one dude asked were they drunk when they made it well i got an answer yeah hell yeah just look at the animation and the plot suckes bad too soo do the charicters they r stupid so all in all the show stinx the only amazing thing is the fact that it some how managed to stay on the air for 3 years..............................................if your thinkin magic don't be ashamed thats what i think too
  • I hate this

    Not good its very boring this makes
    spanish people look bad. It has bad
    animation, they spent their entire
    life masked wresling, they can turn
    into anyting thing they want and
    thats all they do lame, they go to
    school to learn how to do lame action
    better they don't even study just mask
  • Mucha Lucha? The should rename this show Mucha Poocha!

    Seriously, anyone who watches this dumb program must be crazy! Who wants to watch a show about a world of short wrestling kids that wear goofy masks and outfits and bash up each other up in a stupid wrestling school? Horrible animation, boring episodes and a yucky plot. Uggh! I hate this. I started watching it, I thought it was ok but then it got boring an too weird.
  • Uhhhhh...

    I do not mean to be rude or anything but how can anyone actually like this show? This show is pointless! The show is mainly about three crackheads who wrestle each other and transform into these crazy wild objects that crash into their opponet...There are five reasons to why I hate this show 1.The animation stinks 2.The characters are retards that go on pointless adventures 3.They don't show any of the action they just show stupid words to replace it 4.The plot lines suck 5.It almost seems racist. I'm surprised this show managed to stay on the air for three years because it is the worst show on the face of the earth. Please don't watch this crap...It will make your eyes bleed!!!
  • This was a mega waste making!

    Who made up this stupid show? I mean who cares about spanish wrestlers? A school too! PLus they speak spanish(no offense to spaniards).Just put in a siesta and you have the most dumb show ever! Why make a show where wrestlers have 'signature magic moves'! That's what is like to me. Kids want to become wrestlers and they have magical shifting powers that enable them to become such things as a pinball(lame), a bulldozer(stupid),and a tractor(Just plain dumb) So they go to this school to learn how to make themselves more magical and to wrestle.So if you ask me I cant wait till it stops playing and ruining the time slots its in.
  • Racism? I think so.

    This is somewhat a disgrace to mexicans, depicting their culture incorrectly. It's crap in anyways. The plot sucks, characters' personality are crap, and actors act in the wrong place! Overall, it's terrible.
  • Apalling

    This show is about a group of mexican friends who go to a mexican wrestling school, where they face many challenges on they're way to graduation. Now on paper (and more importantly on your tv guide) the concept doesn't sound too bad, but once we actually get to an episode, it's an apalling disjointed mess. Firstly, apparently mexican figurines can talk and give advice and stuff. boring. secondly, it's the exact same thing every episode: They learn a new move, fight something, fail to use the new move properly, and then make a comeback. boring. So in my opinion, this show is boring, apalling, and sterotypical of mexicans in general. 0/10 F-
  • this show was complete crap i always hated it

    who ever thought of this show should have been shot this show was gross stupid and plus annoying the voice acting was bad the animation was the storylines was bad it sucked all the characters were idiots the dialoge(if thats how you spell it) was bad plus buena was annoying annoying and stupid she could only say stuuf like its not right her voice hurts my ears richot was so stupid and a complete copy of strong bad from homestar runner i was happy the day it was cancelled why did cartoon network pull the plug on this crap plus the flea was completely racits he give mexicans a bad name plus everyone in this show was a complete a..hole this show was so wrong and stupid
  • I hate whoever thought of this!

    This was terrible! Mucha Lucha needed to be canceled long before it did! Luchadors: this word still haunts me! This show isn't even worth my time to write a decent review on! I couldn't stand this! The girl, I don't even care what her name was, more annoying then anything! The Flea, he was decent, almost, he was kinda funny, like he was someone who would only spark a silent laugh in me though, And then the main character, what ever his name was, alway tring to do the right thing, how annoying. The theme wasn't anything to appreciate either.
  • It\'s a really dumb crappy show.

    To tell you the truth, I used to like the show - but I don\'t know why. My life was like crap back then. I even thought the Luchadors were going to save me when I was in trouble, but later I knew that was all a big piece of crap. Today, I think Mucha Lucha is one of the crappiest things that has ever aired on TV. First of all, it mocks masked wrestling, and Nacho Libre can throw Mucha Lucha away. Second of all, it was very annoying, most of the episodes had no plot, and when I liked the show, The Flea was my favorite character, now I wonder why he stuffs his face in the garbage all day. (Ed from Ed, Edd, n\' Eddy does a WAY WAY better job than him). I thought the Flea\'s voice was so annoying, and the people at Fosters shouldn\'t of used his voice on those little fleas in that flea episode. Rikochet is just a total mockery of honor, as he TRIES to do the right thing, and then he ends up screwing up. Buena Girl just whines about honor. And what the hell ... donuts. Why is there donuts at the end - they treat donuts like a worship food. It\'s a good thing that petition I submitted LONG AGO to save Mucha Lucha was never accepted, I never wanted to see those dumb Mucha Lucha episodes again and I\'m glad they\'re out of the airing system of Cartoon Network.
  • I'm glad it's gone!

    This was terrible! Mucha Lucha needed to be canceled long before it did! Luchadors: this word still haunts me! This show isn't even worth my time to write a decent review on! I couldn't stand this! The girl, I don't even care what her name was, more annoying then anything! The Flea, he was decent, almost, he was kinda funny, like he was someone who would only spark a silent laugh in me though, And then the main character, what ever his name was, alway tring to do the right thing, how annoying. The theme wasn't anything to appreciate either.
  • Why does this kind of stuff get put on the air?

    2 Words: This show sucks. Make that three.... It's about some 8-10 year old kids who wrestle. It's dumb, everyone in this show is a Stereotype. The Flea is a idiotic slob, Ricqueoshay (or whatever) is dumb and boring. The girl (whatever her name is) is the only one with common sense (but doesn't make up for ANY of them). It just makes fun of Spainsh and Mexican Cultures. The animation is Horrible, everything is as flat as Cardboard, oh and their Hands and Feet and Mouths are the only things that move, WOW!!! The plot is pointless, The Flea's lame butt jokes are not the LEAST bit funny, It makes fun of other Cultures, The animation is horrid. And to top it all off, IT'S NOT FUNNY. I have no idea why WB and Cartoon Network, even WANTED this to be on their channel. To think more than one person worked on this, i guess it was a Group Effort to make it bad.
  • The thought of an animated wrestling show sounds promising, but appearances can be decieving. Do yourself a favor, and avoid it at all costs.

    A school of young wrestlers continually pit against one another to hone in on their skills and achieve total supremecy. Once you watch it, it can get likeable, but this is a rare chance. After a wile, it just seems lamd and somewhat annopying about the fact that young wrestlers fighht each other for stupid and pointless reasons. If you like wrestling, I still wouldn't suggest it to you. Anyone else who watches it probably hates the show as much as I do.
  • Used to like it but now i find it horribly boring.

    I used to like it when this used to air on Cartoon Network in the UK(our countury) it then began airing on ITV and Toonami but i can say this sucks right now i remember from a few years ago what the show is like now i find it dead boring it is silly and in one episode just because Buena Girl cried Rikochet cried as well and the Flea sucks out loud i do not like his voice it sounds like the current dexter from Dexter's Lab i am glad this does'nt air on TV now because it probably got off the air for being so idiotic and stupid.
  • An insult to fans of Mexican Wrestling everywhere

    To be honest, seeing promos of Mucha Lucha made it look promising. The show was about three friends who go to a school about masked wrestling and fight for honor, family, tradition, and for some reason doughnuts. They also face dangers from within the school and go on adventures to prove themselves as the best wrestlers ever. Maybe the show sounds OK on paper and not too bad, but once again looks are deceiving and this show proves that fact again. The characters on this show are all terrible and generic. Ricochet is just a standard kid who wants to be the best and wants to do things right. Buena Girl is just a typical goody two shoes and smart girl. The Flea is just a run of the mill slob and is filthy, and to be fair he is the only decent character on this show and managed to make me laugh here and there.. The principal is generic tough person who rules the school by fear, and it just keeps on going. I also find it stupid that this show portrays Mexico as nothing but masked wrestling lunatics and consider it a God. There is also stereotypical Mexican areas and everyone is a Mexican stereotype. I also have to point out that for someone who fights for Honor, Ricochet somehow always screws up and gets into more trouble. Also if Buena Girl is so smart, how come in one episode where Ricochet lost his mask that she couldn't tell the difference between a mask and the mailbox Ricochet was wearing? Speaking of the masks, why is removing it so taboo? We never learn why removing your mask is bad and they never bother explaining it at all. We are supposed to accept it with no questions asked at all. Also why is Doughnuts somehow part of Mexican wrestling tradition? Where do doughnuts or any food have to do with wrestling, Mexican or not? Once again, never explained. The artwork is OK, but why do most of the characters have humongous heads that look like eggs or ovals? As for the animation, it's horrible in every way. It's really stiff, there are barely movements to the characters, and it is choppy most of the time. As for the plots, they are all boring. It's usually either the 3 heroes learning a life lesson, or facing a danger in or out of school. When the kids do the fighting moves, they do special moves that turn them into either a pinball, tractor, fly swatter, and so on. They come off really stupid, but at least they are creative, so I will give the show the benefit of the doubt. The humor is next to nonexistent in this show. I only got laughs from The Flea every now and then, but there was no other funny stuff in the show. This show may have worked as a wrestling cartoon, but stereotypes everywhere, bad jokes, boring stories, and logic that makes no sense ruins this show. This show has very little value at all, and even if you are a die hard wrestling fan, do yourself a favor and stay far away from this show.
  • Man, I'm glad it's gone!

    I'm glad this show is gone. This was nothing but a crappy show anyway. I mean, the design was just HORRIBLE!!!! So were the episode plots and ideas. I am just glad they had cancelled this show! The theme song at the beginning was nothing but crap. Ricochet was the worst character... ever!
  • A show which is not only terrible, but stereotypes Mexican people!

    Okay, I'll tell you the truth...this show stinks! It's kind of lame too. Ricochet is a blockhead and thinks he knows it all, Buena Girl somehow thinks she's queen of the wrestling world, and the Flea is just lame. Butt jokes aren't funny IMO! But the main difference between a good comedy and this is that this tries to be funny...but fails!

    The animation is okay I guess, but animation isn't what makes a show good. and when since do all Mexicans wear masks and wrestle each other?!

    I'd watch something better if I were you. Sorry, but this show gets a thumbs down from me.
  • Avoid it if you value your sanity.

    Mucha Lucha is a flash animation cartoon with over-the-top action. It is has illogicial plots, bad art, and the typical stereotypes you see in most American cartoons. The main characters are stupid, ugly, and always wear their masks, since it is a taboo for them to remove them. Furthermore, their entire lives revolve around wrestling.

    Due to the flash animation, all the characters can preform unrealistic moves by transforming and shouting. It becomes annoying, since you almost never see them make contact with their target, since the animators replace it with descriptions of the lame action.

    Avoid this series at all cost.
  • sterotypical crap

    stupid and retearted. not everyone in mexico wears a spanish wrestling mask! this show is pretty gay and i would never watch it again. i liked it when it first came on but htats when i was a little tyke and liked wrestling and crap like that that sucks.

  • A complete diss to the Latino Culture. I used to watch it but I stopped.

    You have to agree with me. Sure, I'm not from a spanish speaking country but this is horrible. They tried to introduce Masked Wrestling to us but they destroyed their ideas. Like they say "when someone does something what they did speaks about themselves." The creator's work says that Latinos are dirty and stupid. This is the thing that causes wars. With so much bad things happening in the world, every race should unite and this show is not helping.
  • Stupid, boring, and steriotypical.

    This is a really bad show it's boring and has dumb characters. The show is pretty steriotypical, not every one in Mexico loves wrestling, and constantly has a mask on. As a wrestling fan I thought I might enjoy this show but I did'nt because it was stupid. It made no sense, and the plots were boring and pointless. I'm happy this show was cancelled. All I really no about the show is it's about about a few kid Mexican wrestlers, also the show seems to like the trend of saying Mexicans were wrestling masks all the time. Take it off syndication!
  • I watched a few episodes,but looking back at the crude plot,animation,and story telling,I ask myself "Why???"

    Naruto.An anime Set in ninja school.That show is good.Mucha lucha.A cartoon show Set in wrestler school.This show is NOT good.I can create a flash cartoon with better quality then THIS piece of ****!!!...and alone,I don't know the FIRST THING about flash!I DID watch some episodes a year back when it came to cartoon netwrok,and now I know it's AWFUL!The GOOD news?'s from WB.I really don't expect a lot from WB...
  • This show is average.Once you go over the mexican style this show has been coated,you will see that this all has been done before

    This show is pretty decent.I dont hate it,but im not crazy about it either.OK,the mexican theme is pretty cool.The show is flash animated,but they did a very good job,i like the animation.The background music and theme are cool,i like latin music.The show has a good start.But then the problems appear.With the characters.Ok,the story is set around young boy named Rikochet and his 2 friends Buena Girl and Flea.They want to be mask wrestlers,and they go to school for masked wrestling.They live in a town,probably mexican,where most of the people,even babies waear masks.And they must obey the code of mask wresling.Ok,the plot is a bit strange,but original,and kinda cutting edge.The idea of a school where is allowed to fight really makes me chuckle.But,as i was saying,the problemis with the characters.When you go over the mexican theme nad style,you will see that this has all been done before.We have an average,boring kid,and story is set around him.He has 2 friends,a smart girl and a dim witted boy who serves for a comic releif.And they go to school and in every episode they have adventures.Really,this has all been done before.And the characters arent very intersting themselves.Rikochet is a typicall average boring kid who wants to be a masked wrestler(in his country,thats as awsome as becoming a football player,doctor,or a lawer)And he lives with his mom,dad(who is a famous mask wrestler and his role model) and senile grandpa who gives him adveces,but also serves as a comic releif due to his senility.It has been done before.Now,about his friends.Buena girl is a typicall know-at-all girl with opsessive compulsive disorder and always gives boring lectures about living the life like the code of masked wresling demands.And the running gag is in every episode:the boys are misbehaving and she takes teh book from nowhere *angel chorus* and starts reading it.I wish someone would hit her with that book.And then we come to Flea.He is dim witted,stinky,socially akward,often very mean and crazy.And serves as a comic releif from his boring,unintersting friends.Well,he is acctually one of the best characters on the show.He is smoethimes more gross than funny,but i prefer his randomness a lot more than Cheese from Fosters,who is very overrated.Flea uses toilet and violent humor,typicall for random characters,but he does a pretty good job.I also like headmistress and that crazy disco opsessed teacher.They are pretty funny.But the episodes tend to be pretty boring,the other characters are very annoying,or never speak at all.And i hate those 3 bullies who dont wear masks and bully Rikochet and his friends.They are the one socially akward,cause all the citizens besides them wear masks,duuuh.And the humor could be allot better.I would give this how higher ratings,but CN showed the same episodes like a million times,and it really made me vomit.But on some german channel i saw new episodes.But i dont understand german dub so i cant watch it.It was cancelled pretty soon so it didnt have a chance to develope more.I have alot of symphaty for this show and it was really canceled before it should have.I would rather wach this show instead of sam old Ben 10(original) episodes whos been running for maybe 4 years and makes me vomit when ever i see it.They should amke new Mucha Lucha episodes instead.
  • Who thought of this?

    Who thought of this?

    I used to like dis show, but then I felt that the show was getting more dumber because of the adventures in later episodes, and I feel that whoever thought of this show is being racists toward the mexican people. I'm not Mexican, but I have a few friends who are mexican. (Even though one of them acts crazy. I'm glad that they got rid of this show. It was good at first, but like I siad, it got worse and worse. I always saw it on cn. I hope CN will get rid of all the other bad show while they are at it.
  • I can\'t say I\'ve found it entertaining.

    Really . . . I don\'t see it as a great or funny show, just a lame desperate cartoon. Animation is different and smooth but not the style I like. So thats my opinion there. The characters are all politically corect and do some dumb moves and fights the creators expect us to remember as we follow along the loose and crummy storylines. I have not seen a good episode yet. Honor for the family, I\'d say turn it off if you honor your life. I know it seems harsh, but the Fox cartoon shows have never impressed much. Lately they are all two rate cartoons that stink.
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