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  • I think Mucha Lucha is a pretty good flash cartoon.

    Mucha Lucha is a flash cartoon that have mask wrestling and the actions of the show is very interesting and I loved the humor the show like the mask wrestlers turning into inamite objects and humorous lines from the show and I don\'t really get why people hates this show much.Maybe because the people who hates this show only watched Mucha Lucha for 2 seconds and thinks the animation is horrible.Just because the animation is horrible that doesn\'t mean you have to hate it,and I like how the mask wrestlers have their own theme like for example a mask wrestler named \"Zero Kelvin\" shivers during role call and I think that plots are pretty humorous and I think Mucha Lucha is the best flash show in my opinion.

    No offense but I feel like people who thinks Mucha Lucha is racist only saw it for a microsecond since I found no racism in there.
  • The thought of an animated wrestling show sounds promising, but appearances can be decieving. Do yourself a favor, and avoid it at all costs.

    A school of young wrestlers continually pit against one another to hone in on their skills and achieve total supremecy. Once you watch it, it can get likeable, but this is a rare chance. After a wile, it just seems lamd and somewhat annopying about the fact that young wrestlers fighht each other for stupid and pointless reasons. If you like wrestling, I still wouldn't suggest it to you. Anyone else who watches it probably hates the show as much as I do.
  • 3 words: classic, cool, and cute!

    If you wanna see a show see this one! It doesn't end bad and doesn't leave you ending up in a coma. The characters are loveable, the plotlines are amazing, the humor is great, and the movie must see it now! Here's the plot!:
    ¡Mucha Lucha! is an over-the-top comedy-adventure about honor, family, tradition... and donuts. The series explores the Latino cultural phenomenon known as "Lucha Libre." In a world where no one removes their colorful mask ever and success depends on having a "signature move," three mascaritas - Rikochet, Buena Girl and The Flea - study and live the "Code of Masked Wrestling" and go to school at the Formost World-Renowned International School of Lucha.
    This bold comedy combines irreverent humor and visually dynamic fantasy-action in two fast-paced 11-minute episodes and is the first-ever all-flash animated series on broadcast television.

    Character Bios:
    Rikochet - The main Luchador of the show, Rikochet wants to be the school's greatest Luchador ever! He's master of the "Pulverzing Pinball" attack, as well as the "Spinning Top" and other attacks.

    Buena Girl - Buena Girl's knowledge of the Code of Masked Wrestling is surpassed by none, giving her an edge in matches. Her special attack is "The Buena Bulldozer of Truth", and she stands for all things Buena.

    The Flea - The Flea, Buena Girl, and Rikochet are like the three amigos, literally! But they call themselves the Three Mascaritas! The Flea is kind of the nasty one, the only things that can beat him are showers, killer masked toilets, and good hygiene! The Flea also refers to himself in the third-person perspective.

    See that show is not that bad! It aired on Saturday, August 17, 2002 and it's still going strong! Don't listen to the hater's see it now!

    Well bye!
  • I used to watch this a lot when i was younger, and i still catch it on Cartoon Network every now and then.

    This show is one of those shows that no one really cared about, but everyone's heard about. I liked this show, with its original story and characters. It may not be the best show out there, but it was a fun show while it lasted. Ricochet, Buena Girl and the Flea are one of the best main characters i've ever seen in a show, Flea being my favorite of them all. The humor is fresh and is a good change from all these ****ing puns in the new shows. Each episode has some sort of original way of telling about the Mexican wrestling Lucha Libre, with new moves and characters and an awesome theme song, this show is one of those hidden treasures if your into something new and different. I will definitely watch this show if i see it on, as i enjoyed this show more than some of these newer cartoons that make fun of itself more than anything else.
  • The best show on earth. It is a must watch. Ignore anyone who says different.

    This is the coolest show on earth. If you never saw it or if you only watch five seconds of it , then you are missing out on a REALLY good show. This show follows the adventures of Rikochet, Buena Girl, and The Flea. These three go to The Formost World Renowned International School of Lucha. A Lot of other students go there, too. The music is also great. One of my favorite things about it is that the character design is just to cute. My favorite character is Minotoro. Another thing is that Rikochet and Buena Girl love each other. In the episode "Doomien" They are the Buena-Chet All Stars. Also The Flea is funny. He hates baths and liquid soap. If you haven't seen it yet, you must watch it. PLEASE DO!!!!
  • Great show

    All I can say is that ever since I began watching this,
    it's been only getting funnier in every episode. Especially
    season 3. Not only is it funny, it is so entertaining
    that I wish it was on every day. I hope that there will be
    new episodes soon. The style in the show has become more
    clever that I'm just amazed. A show about 3 kids who want
    to become wrestlers would just be a regular t.v series. But, the creators of this show has made that so entertaining and
    very unique, also very clever and persuading. Especially, in
    the third season, with different music, different personalities for the characters, new characters, better
    animation funnier lines and I like how Rikochet's voice
    changed. Overall, the show is very funny and I hope it will
    only get better in the future.
  • donuts important?

    what kind of crazy spanish show is this? i really like it! wrestling cartoon? good idea! donuts? splendid. this crazy idea like, the evil toilet was really quite interesting. it makes me feel very omg wtf but i can deal. if you like it, you are crazy like me! enjoy!
  • this all most seems racist

    Yes you did read my summary right I think that this show is some what racist toward Mexican’s I'm not even Mexican I just personally think that it makes Mexican’s look stupid and some of my best friends are Mexican. Take the flea for example he’s Mexican right but all he does is rolling around in dirt and then well when I think about it they seem to take some body from a different culture put them in a mask and make them do stupid things all thou many of you out there like this show I find it offensive toward every culture.
  • Better than Shuriken School

    ¡Mucha Lucha! is a good cartoon .At least , it was more interesting that the PBS show of "Sagwa" and have some funny parts and likable characters . Also , it have many similarities with flash in the powers of rickisha and his enemies . The animation is good and combines computer flash graphics and traditional animation , and it looks well . The bad side of the show is that is a bit predictable . Some episodes follow the same line (Rickasha did something & want help from his friends to correct it a super -power and then beats the enemy ),but is a funny show . Also I think that was good the fact that ¡Mucha Lucha! should desire more credit on Boomerang, and it works perfectly . A good anime for the whole family and a good adaptation of a Flash cartoon
  • ¡Mucha Lucha!

    Why dose eveyone hate it? Mucha Lucha is a unique show. It is about a boy named Ricosha. He finds magic Powers that allows him to enter Mask Wresling. In a school, everyone is in a mask. Ricosha can use the Power to challage someone to help out the luchadore citizens. Later, he invites Flea & Brina Girl inside school. They mostly go together inside Luchaing. Overall, this show is very unique.
  • It wasn't that bad of a show!

    I don't see why people hate the show so bad the way they do. I didn't think it was bad show it wasn't the greatest but not the worst. I wouldn't say it was the greatest cartoon on the face of the planet earth but it is still an ok show. It was a fun show to watch for an half hour. When nothing else is on I would rather watch ¡Mucha Lucha! then My Gym parthner is a monkey. I just don't see why its so bad I guess I never will. But anyways I rate ¡Mucha Lucha! a 8.2.
  • this is a funny and entertaining show and I dont know why everybody thinks its such crap

    this is a funny and entertaining show and I dont know why everybody thinks its such crap most of the characters are funny and its interestion to see everybodies Signature moves and What Item or Idea the people decided to embody in their mask wrestling this is a funny and entertaining show and I dont know why everybody thinks its such crap most of the characters are funny and its interestion to see everybodies Signature moves and What Item or Idea the people decided to embody in their mask wrestling k k k k k k k k k k
  • Mucha Lucha? The should rename this show Mucha Poocha!

    Seriously, anyone who watches this dumb program must be crazy! Who wants to watch a show about a world of short wrestling kids that wear goofy masks and outfits and bash up each other up in a stupid wrestling school? Horrible animation, boring episodes and a yucky plot. Uggh! I hate this. I started watching it, I thought it was ok but then it got boring an too weird.
  • Two words: SUPER SH*T

    Why did I watch a show about three not real mexicans just waste their lives with crappy sayings. Im glad that they took it off Cartoon Network!

    THis show is crap, and it is also mocking mexicans. Thats all I would have to say about this show. Thats that, amen.
  • Had me liking Mexican wrestling!

    Most ep (02-06, 09, 14) WB
  • I think Mucha Lucha is great!

    I think it's an awesome show, and it brings me back to my childhood. I don't know why everyone thinks it's crap I think it's really good. the animation may not be the best, but come on, this is a mexican themed cartoon! there is a difference between mexi-themed show and american-themed shows you know! Most people find this show an insult to mexican people, but seriously, I'm 100% mexi, and I don't find this show the least bit offensive! But okay I'll admit, the plot line in some episodes COULD have been better, and I would have liked to see more wrestling, but other than that, I think Mucha Lucha is the best cartoon ever!

    I don't know why they stopped making it, cuz' the cartoons on cartoonetwork aren't getting any better. Regular Show? Amazing World of Gumball? Thunder Cats? Almost Naked Animals?

    I don't even know WHAT was going their heads when thay made Secret Mountain Fort Awesome or Probelm Solverz! Those shows give me the creeps!

    I think it's really cool how the the kids can turn into random objects to help them win the match. Like in one episode, it was Rikochet vs Minotauro, and Ricochet turned into steak sause and Minotauro turned into a steak. FUNNY! Most people think it's weird, but COME ON PEOPLE! It's a freaking cartoon! ANYTHING can happen in cartoons!

    I like how no one removes their mask, that just makes the series more interesting.

    in conclusion, Mucha Lucha is an awesome show, and I'd like to see it back on T.V. cuz' the last time I saw an episode, I was 4 and visiting my family in Mexico.

    K now, bye!
  • Mucha Lucha RULES!

    I LOVE Mucha Lucha! It is my absolute favorite show ever! The animation is fantabulous for one (the only cartoon I know of to be done completely with Flash animation), for another it's a hilarious show (The Flea is SOOOOOO FUNNY!), and for a third, it's fun to look for little hints at romance between characters in the show! (Like Rikochet/Buena Girl, Megawatt/Electricity, etc.) So I HIGHLY recommend this show for everyone and their mothers! :D
  • At first I thought this show was just wierd, but it has proven to be very funny in a lot of ways.

    Compearing this to a show I hate "Teamo Supremo", I can definetly say that this show offers better humor and a little bit better action and better adventure then Teamo Supremo ever did. ¡Mucha Lucha! was really popular with kids and a few others, myself included, and this show has a lot including some values in family in some ways.

    Rikochet is a great character, wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps and become the greatest luchadore ever, he stays true to his training, and loyal to his friends, that's a great character. Buena Girl, being very true to the way of her culture, and like Rikochet, being loyal to her friends and fully believes in Rikochet as well, she's a good character too. The Flea, now he was my favorite, he's flilthy, discusting, and all round dirty, though he seems the least loyal, he does show he cares about his friends where it counts and he is the funniest character on the show. While I shouldn't forget the other characters, El Ray, Rikochet's action figure is a great amount of laughs too and always trying to lead him on the right path. Masked Dog is kinda good, he sometimes brings laughs even though he doesn't often seem to do much except potato paws, yet there is still more to him. And there are some other good characters too like Snow Pea, Penny Plutonium, Cindy Slam, El Gundamo, and including the parents.

    All and all, I would enjoy to watch this show every day of the week for a while and I do on Cartoon Network sometimes when I am not watching DVDs or Toon Disney, and though in some ways I might consider this a rip of Teamo Supremo, this is definetly way better then that poor excuse for an action show, it doesn't make all of action shows look stupid and this has nice humor and better characters, I would call this Warner Brothers solution to Teamo Supremo, this show has actually become one of my personal favorites.

    I would recommend this show to many kids, it would be a lot of laughs for them.
  • It wasn't the best show on Kids WB, but certainly not the worst. It started out good in episodes, but got boring near the end of them.

    ¡Mucha Lucha! was an ok show, not being the best or the worst. Masked wrestling was an interesting topic to write stories about, yet Eddie Mort could have been more creative. They could have done so much more with this show, yet they stooped to a lower level.

    The humour seems pretty funny at first, but then later, it just seems plain stupid. The Flea is the main provider of that, and I like his character, just not all his grossness. Plus, chewy shoes and buttersticks, that's just gross. He acts as though he's barely human.

    The third season got a little better, having more interesting plots. There were good episodes, and like a lot of series(es), there were bad ones. The villains were okay, yet some of them were boring. This show was mildly interesting.
  • Pretty awesome.

    This was a pretty awesome cartoon.
  • Who thought of a mexican-style school? This show has no feel of tasty donuts....

    Mucha Lucha is one of the shows on cartoon network that is critisised by many reviewers, even I am here to critisise this show. The flash animation used in this show has dark outlines and it allows the characters to perform unrealistic moves. That's one of the things that I dislike about the show. I also feel slightly offended by the "Mucha Lucha" because it could be a stereotype to make masked wrestling mexicans look dumb. That's not nice.

    But however, the show isn't all bad. I seem to like the Flea as he seems to be the funniest character in the show. So I wouldnt say this show is 100% as bad as teamo supremo.
  • Ahaha...I've actually met the creators of this show in person believe it or not...

    ...seriously, I bet they'd love it if I told them what everyone was saying about their show. But anyway I really haven't watched much of this show since cartoon network stopped playing it but what I have seen of it, I've liked quite a bit. The idea is original for once which makes it about +3 points in my book because I say, that can be so hard to come watch a show and not think "Oh! This is so much like so-and-so!". And even though I absolutely hate flash animation, I liked most of the plotlines. Go E and L! :D
  • This isn't the greatest show, but is still worth watching if you have a free half hour.

    The fights lack a lot of action, but most of the stuff is funny. They could use more special moves too.

    Uselly there is a moral at the end, but it seems contrivid.

    I also think they are eating way too many doughnuts. Don't they ever get sick of them?

    The show still has its good points and is worth watching.

    Watch it if you like short special moves only fights.
  • Yeah, this isn't that great of a show.

    This show is mediocre because, its not that funny, you really can't understand the plots and its kind of pointless. I would only watch it if if couldn't be more bored. . . . . . . . . . . . I'm kind of glad they cancelled this because its not going anywhere. I'd watch more if the plots were deeper and got a lot funnier. But if it ever comes back, and hasn't changed, it won't be all buterflies for me, I would still only watch this show just to kill time. . . . . .
  • I've seen worse shows than this.

    Mucha Lucha! isn't really one of the worst shows I have ever seen, especially on Kids' WB!, but it's not really my favorite either. I'll admit that, yes, the animation in the first season isn't that good, but looking back, I've seen worse animations than this. It's at least not as bad as Dora the Explorer or its stupid spin-offs. I'm not racist to Mexicans. Never was, never will be. I did like it when I was a kid, but looking back on it, i'm disappointed that I lost my interest in it. But, it's at least better than Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island or Loonatics Unleashed.
  • It ain't to Beuna!

    This show is just weird I mean who would make a show about a wrestling school. The charecters do have their own special move and the mechandise was good but it seems that the show was not good at all. There's not much story which this show desperatly needed. This show ain't to Beuna!
  • This show is average.Once you go over the mexican style this show has been coated,you will see that this all has been done before

    This show is pretty decent.I dont hate it,but im not crazy about it either.OK,the mexican theme is pretty cool.The show is flash animated,but they did a very good job,i like the animation.The background music and theme are cool,i like latin music.The show has a good start.But then the problems appear.With the characters.Ok,the story is set around young boy named Rikochet and his 2 friends Buena Girl and Flea.They want to be mask wrestlers,and they go to school for masked wrestling.They live in a town,probably mexican,where most of the people,even babies waear masks.And they must obey the code of mask wresling.Ok,the plot is a bit strange,but original,and kinda cutting edge.The idea of a school where is allowed to fight really makes me chuckle.But,as i was saying,the problemis with the characters.When you go over the mexican theme nad style,you will see that this has all been done before.We have an average,boring kid,and story is set around him.He has 2 friends,a smart girl and a dim witted boy who serves for a comic releif.And they go to school and in every episode they have adventures.Really,this has all been done before.And the characters arent very intersting themselves.Rikochet is a typicall average boring kid who wants to be a masked wrestler(in his country,thats as awsome as becoming a football player,doctor,or a lawer)And he lives with his mom,dad(who is a famous mask wrestler and his role model) and senile grandpa who gives him adveces,but also serves as a comic releif due to his senility.It has been done before.Now,about his friends.Buena girl is a typicall know-at-all girl with opsessive compulsive disorder and always gives boring lectures about living the life like the code of masked wresling demands.And the running gag is in every episode:the boys are misbehaving and she takes teh book from nowhere *angel chorus* and starts reading it.I wish someone would hit her with that book.And then we come to Flea.He is dim witted,stinky,socially akward,often very mean and crazy.And serves as a comic releif from his boring,unintersting friends.Well,he is acctually one of the best characters on the show.He is smoethimes more gross than funny,but i prefer his randomness a lot more than Cheese from Fosters,who is very overrated.Flea uses toilet and violent humor,typicall for random characters,but he does a pretty good job.I also like headmistress and that crazy disco opsessed teacher.They are pretty funny.But the episodes tend to be pretty boring,the other characters are very annoying,or never speak at all.And i hate those 3 bullies who dont wear masks and bully Rikochet and his friends.They are the one socially akward,cause all the citizens besides them wear masks,duuuh.And the humor could be allot better.I would give this how higher ratings,but CN showed the same episodes like a million times,and it really made me vomit.But on some german channel i saw new episodes.But i dont understand german dub so i cant watch it.It was cancelled pretty soon so it didnt have a chance to develope more.I have alot of symphaty for this show and it was really canceled before it should have.I would rather wach this show instead of sam old Ben 10(original) episodes whos been running for maybe 4 years and makes me vomit when ever i see it.They should amke new Mucha Lucha episodes instead.
  • A complete diss to the Latino Culture. I used to watch it but I stopped.

    You have to agree with me. Sure, I'm not from a spanish speaking country but this is horrible. They tried to introduce Masked Wrestling to us but they destroyed their ideas. Like they say "when someone does something what they did speaks about themselves." The creator's work says that Latinos are dirty and stupid. This is the thing that causes wars. With so much bad things happening in the world, every race should unite and this show is not helping.
  • Avoid it if you value your sanity.

    Mucha Lucha is a flash animation cartoon with over-the-top action. It is has illogicial plots, bad art, and the typical stereotypes you see in most American cartoons. The main characters are stupid, ugly, and always wear their masks, since it is a taboo for them to remove them. Furthermore, their entire lives revolve around wrestling.

    Due to the flash animation, all the characters can preform unrealistic moves by transforming and shouting. It becomes annoying, since you almost never see them make contact with their target, since the animators replace it with descriptions of the lame action.

    Avoid this series at all cost.
  • I hate whoever thought of this!

    This was terrible! Mucha Lucha needed to be canceled long before it did! Luchadors: this word still haunts me! This show isn't even worth my time to write a decent review on! I couldn't stand this! The girl, I don't even care what her name was, more annoying then anything! The Flea, he was decent, almost, he was kinda funny, like he was someone who would only spark a silent laugh in me though, And then the main character, what ever his name was, alway tring to do the right thing, how annoying. The theme wasn't anything to appreciate either.
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