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The WB (ended 2005)





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  • It\'s a really dumb crappy show.

    To tell you the truth, I used to like the show - but I don\'t know why. My life was like crap back then. I even thought the Luchadors were going to save me when I was in trouble, but later I knew that was all a big piece of crap. Today, I think Mucha Lucha is one of the crappiest things that has ever aired on TV. First of all, it mocks masked wrestling, and Nacho Libre can throw Mucha Lucha away. Second of all, it was very annoying, most of the episodes had no plot, and when I liked the show, The Flea was my favorite character, now I wonder why he stuffs his face in the garbage all day. (Ed from Ed, Edd, n\' Eddy does a WAY WAY better job than him). I thought the Flea\'s voice was so annoying, and the people at Fosters shouldn\'t of used his voice on those little fleas in that flea episode. Rikochet is just a total mockery of honor, as he TRIES to do the right thing, and then he ends up screwing up. Buena Girl just whines about honor. And what the hell ... donuts. Why is there donuts at the end - they treat donuts like a worship food. It\'s a good thing that petition I submitted LONG AGO to save Mucha Lucha was never accepted, I never wanted to see those dumb Mucha Lucha episodes again and I\'m glad they\'re out of the airing system of Cartoon Network.
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