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Mucha Lucha!

The WB (ended 2005)



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Mucha Lucha! Fan Reviews (57)

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  • I used to watch this a lot when i was younger, and i still catch it on Cartoon Network every now and then.

    This show is one of those shows that no one really cared about, but everyone's heard about. I liked this show, with its original story and characters. It may not be the best show out there, but it was a fun show while it lasted. Ricochet, Buena Girl and the Flea are one of the best main characters i've ever seen in a show, Flea being my favorite of them all. The humor is fresh and is a good change from all these ****ing puns in the new shows. Each episode has some sort of original way of telling about the Mexican wrestling Lucha Libre, with new moves and characters and an awesome theme song, this show is one of those hidden treasures if your into something new and different. I will definitely watch this show if i see it on, as i enjoyed this show more than some of these newer cartoons that make fun of itself more than anything else.
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