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The WB (ended 2005)





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  • This show is average.Once you go over the mexican style this show has been coated,you will see that this all has been done before

    This show is pretty decent.I dont hate it,but im not crazy about it either.OK,the mexican theme is pretty cool.The show is flash animated,but they did a very good job,i like the animation.The background music and theme are cool,i like latin music.The show has a good start.But then the problems appear.With the characters.Ok,the story is set around young boy named Rikochet and his 2 friends Buena Girl and Flea.They want to be mask wrestlers,and they go to school for masked wrestling.They live in a town,probably mexican,where most of the people,even babies waear masks.And they must obey the code of mask wresling.Ok,the plot is a bit strange,but original,and kinda cutting edge.The idea of a school where is allowed to fight really makes me chuckle.But,as i was saying,the problemis with the characters.When you go over the mexican theme nad style,you will see that this has all been done before.We have an average,boring kid,and story is set around him.He has 2 friends,a smart girl and a dim witted boy who serves for a comic releif.And they go to school and in every episode they have adventures.Really,this has all been done before.And the characters arent very intersting themselves.Rikochet is a typicall average boring kid who wants to be a masked wrestler(in his country,thats as awsome as becoming a football player,doctor,or a lawer)And he lives with his mom,dad(who is a famous mask wrestler and his role model) and senile grandpa who gives him adveces,but also serves as a comic releif due to his senility.It has been done before.Now,about his friends.Buena girl is a typicall know-at-all girl with opsessive compulsive disorder and always gives boring lectures about living the life like the code of masked wresling demands.And the running gag is in every episode:the boys are misbehaving and she takes teh book from nowhere *angel chorus* and starts reading it.I wish someone would hit her with that book.And then we come to Flea.He is dim witted,stinky,socially akward,often very mean and crazy.And serves as a comic releif from his boring,unintersting friends.Well,he is acctually one of the best characters on the show.He is smoethimes more gross than funny,but i prefer his randomness a lot more than Cheese from Fosters,who is very overrated.Flea uses toilet and violent humor,typicall for random characters,but he does a pretty good job.I also like headmistress and that crazy disco opsessed teacher.They are pretty funny.But the episodes tend to be pretty boring,the other characters are very annoying,or never speak at all.And i hate those 3 bullies who dont wear masks and bully Rikochet and his friends.They are the one socially akward,cause all the citizens besides them wear masks,duuuh.And the humor could be allot better.I would give this how higher ratings,but CN showed the same episodes like a million times,and it really made me vomit.But on some german channel i saw new episodes.But i dont understand german dub so i cant watch it.It was cancelled pretty soon so it didnt have a chance to develope more.I have alot of symphaty for this show and it was really canceled before it should have.I would rather wach this show instead of sam old Ben 10(original) episodes whos been running for maybe 4 years and makes me vomit when ever i see it.They should amke new Mucha Lucha episodes instead.
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