Mucha Lucha! - Season 2

The WB (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Return of El Maléfico

    The world of Lucha Libre is threatened when a dark force named El Maléfico is accidentally released. Our three Mascaritas, Rikochet, Buena Girl, and The Flea must rise to the challenge and send this evil back from whence it came. Their battle with El Maléfico will decide the fate of the universe!

  • Attack of the Luchabots (aka Luchabot)
    The school science fair turns into a nightmare when one of science projects, the Luchabot, starts giving everyone an F. Then the Luchabot starts to replace all of the students and teachers with robots. Now with only two Luchadores remaining (that aren't stuck in a locker) how will the Luchabot and his creations be stopped?moreless
  • An Epic Tale of Heroes and Donuts/Run, Lucha, Run
    An Epic Tale of Heroes and Donuts:
    Everyone climbs the frosted mountain to start the donut batter flowing again.

    Run, Lucha, Run:
    Rikochet, Buena Girl, and Flea must go by foot to see the big match.
  • Cinco de Piñata (aka Day of the Piñata)/Poocha Lucha
    Cinco de Piñata:
    A giant piñata of General Ignacio Zaragoza comes to life is rampaging the city during Cinco De Mayo day after Flea ate the candy inside him. The students must refill him before it's too late.
    Poocha Lucha:
     Masked Dog is stolen, and Rikochet and El Rey go to find him using Masked Dog's mask which was removed by Rescue Granny who has connections with the Hairy Knuckles Brutos. Rikochet ends up having to fight for Masked Dog's ownership with Heavy Traffic of Hairy Knuckles Academy.moreless
  • Flea's Personal Demons/Virtual Luchadores
    Flea's Personal Demons:
    The Flea gets two personal demons to do his bidding.

    Virtual Luchadores:
    Rikochet gets addicted to an online game.
  • Late Night Lucha/Flea at Last
    Late Night Lucha:
    El Rey wrestles a robot dinosaur toy called El Ultra Mecha Destructo Grande Go and loses his parts.

    Flea at Last:
    The Flea will be expelled if he doesn't win a match, so he asks for Rikochet's help to win.
  • Election Daze/Los Pantalones (aka The Brat in the Hat)
    Los Pantalones:
    Rikochet gets a new outfit that controls him and it wants revenge on Los Pantalones Elegantes, the judge of the Fashion Inspection Show at school who originally wore that outfit during his childhood. Buena Girl and The Flea must get the outfit off of Rikochet.

    Election Daze:
    Buena Girl, The Flea, and Snow Pea are running for school president. Buena Girl promises good things, The Flea promises chewy shoes and butter snacks. Snow Pea promises "Snow Pea!" Meanwhile, Tibor the Terrible, El Loco Mosquito, and El Perrito try to take over the Student Council.moreless
  • The Collector
    The Collector
    Episode 16
    An evil space alien named Keelspbellsvin has been collecting Luchadores from across the entire galaxy kidnaps all of the masked wrestlers (including the teachers) at Rikochet's school. Now it is up to The Flea, Rikochet, and Buena Girl to save their school and stop the collector for good, before it's too late!moreless
  • La Bruja/El Niño Loco
    El Niño Loco:
    The Lucha Lighthouse gang is confronted by El Niño Loco: Guardian of El Canyon Grande.

    La Bruja:
    A witch named La Bruja is supposedly making treats out of Luchadores.
  • Mini Mercado of Doom/Churro Overload
    Churro Overload:
    The Mascaritas sell churros for a school fund-raiser. Unfortunately, The Flea keeps eating his homemade churros

    Mini Mercado of Doom:
    Abuelito and Rikochet settle an old score with a grocer named El Abarratero.
  • Undercover Flea/Kid Wombat
    Undercover Flea:
    Three government agents hire The Flea to catch the traitor who's been selling signature moves. But what will The Flea do when the traitor turns out to be Rikochet?

    Kid Wombat:
    A new kid by the name of Kid Wombat joins the school for mask wrestling. Rikochet and Kid Wombat start off to a nice start but when Kid Wombat dominates in the excercises he takes Rickochet's place as the number one wrestler. How will Rikochet reclaim his glory?moreless
  • Big Buena Sellout/Laying in Ruins
    Big Buena Sellout:
    When Buena Girl thinks that her parents don't pay attention to her anymore, they show that they still care by making 'Buena Girl Energy Bars.' However, Buena Girl gets too snobby because of her new fortune. Can Rikochet and Flea get her to remember the Code of Masked Wrestling?

    Laying in Ruins:
    It is the day of YOMAMA, a wrestling day for mothers. But Rikochet is irresponsible, and nearly cost his mother's sweater to Masked Dog. Nevertheless, his mom takes him and wins. But Rikochet, with his irresponsibility gets his mom's trophy stolen. Can Los Tres Mascaritas get the trophy back?moreless
  • Meet the Muertos/Mask Maker
    Meet the Muertos:
    It is the Day of the Dead (aka Halloween) and everybody has a diorama. But when Masked Dog eats Rikochet's diorama, he is asked to guide the introvertial kid muerto named Calavera Muerto, who is interested in Rikochet's rented video games. When Oct. 31st is over, he won't move a muscle. Him, Buena Girl, and Flea try old-school methods, but with no prevail. Can Rikochet set things right, and maintain order?

    Mask Maker:
    When Rikochet sees an Antonio Mascara commercial, he is fascinated, and turns in his mask. However, Antonio Mascara is selling illegal masks, so that means...moreless
  • Getting Ahead/Los Fabulosos
    Getting Ahead:
    Rikochet wants to win a prize mask by getting his head shrinked.

    Los Fabulosos:
    Rikochet's two stupid uncles named Big Dipper and Little Dipper show up and cause a huge commotion.
  • War of the Donuts/Show Me the Funny
    War of the Donuts:
    The Flea's parents have to go somewhere for the day, and they leave The Flea in charge of their donut shop. But a new donut shop opens up in town. Both shops try lots of things to get lots of customers to come, and to get the other shop out of business. Which donut shop will have to close?

    Show Me the Funny:
    Rikochet's Lucha partner Coco Dementos is a better comedian than wrestler and therefore almost gets expelled from the School of Lucha. His father sends both of them to become Rodeo to improve on their wrestling.moreless
  • French Twisted/Hungry Like Los Lobos (aka Los Lobos de Lucha)
    French Twisted:
    Rikochet motivates your ate French Twist, the mime, to talk, and he does, taking the place of Rikochet in the trash talk competition against Potato Patata. But now that he is speaking, the mime doesn't get to use your talents. Rikochet needs to help him... now, to not to speak.

    Hungry Like Los Lobos:
    In a match against Carlton Cold Jones, Rikochet listens the theme song of the opponent and is defeated. So Rikochet decides he needs his own theme song, and he asks for help to Los Lobos, a popular band of the east of Los Angeles, that are also cousins of Mama. But the young luchador will learn in the revenge fight that, in the ring, the theme song is not everything.moreless
  • Thief of Radishes (aka You Look Radishing)/Lucha, Rinse, and Repeat
    Thief of Radishes:
    The Mascaritas must save the King of Radishes from the King of Turnips.

    Lucha, Rinse, and Repeat: Rikochet asks his friends for help when Masked Dog needs a bath.
  • Dancing with Bugs/Chain of Fools
    Dancing with Bugs:
    The Flea is shrunk down to the of a flea when a shrink ray ricochets everywhere eventually hitting The Flea. While he is shrunk, he meets all the bugs on the floor, and befriends a bug named Wilbur. The Flea looks after Wilbur, making sure he's not smushed by Rikochet and Buena Girl, also taking down the thug bugs.

    Chain of Fools:
    Rikochet must mail out a chain letter before he ends up with years of bad luck.moreless
  • Thrills and Skills/Party Animal
    Thrills and Skills:
    The mascaritas are given extra-curricular activities, as part of having a variety of experience in their education. Rikochet plays soccer, Buena Girl plays the accordion in the band, and The Flea learns Scottish Highland games. All three of them put their skills together to help Rikochet on the playing field.

    Party Animal:
    The famous and ultra mysterious, Rey Dynamico has accepted Buena Girl's party invite. Buena Girl decides to clean out her room and throw out all her childish toys, including a stuffed teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles, but he decides to fight back.moreless
  • Lone Stars/The Littlest Luchadora
    Lone Stars:
    Rikochet gets mistaken for his father thanks to The Flea convincing him to pretend to be his father. Rikochet keeps the charade up until he has to face a great foe. Then Lone Star, Rikochet's father, shows up on the scene.

    The Littlest Luchadora:
    After Flea's little sister, Pulgita, wins a match against El Skellantonio, whom Flea couldn't beat, Flea gets jealous of her. Will Flea help Pulgita defeat Perro Salvaje.moreless
  • Calling All Monsters/Pig Out
    Calling All Monsters:
    Giant sushi monsters attack Tokyo.

    Pig Out:
    Pigs invade Rikochet's room.
  • Revenge of the Masked Toilet/Nightmare on Lucha St.
    Revenge of the Masked Toilet:
    The masked toilet returns with a vengeance.

    Nightmare on Lucha St.:
    Penny Plutonium's mask is stolen by a dream guy. Rikochet transports himself to dream world to get it back.
  • The Man from M.A.S.K./The Flea's Bueno Twin
    The Man from M.A.S.K.:
    Rikochet is given a secret weapon - a spy gadget that gives an advantage in unfair match-ups, as a reward.

    The Flea's Bueno Twin:
    The Flea eats an object he's never seen or dared to eat before - an organic apple. After eating the apple, The Flea acts clean and even surpasses Buena Girl in the goody-goody department, and drives everyone else loco!moreless
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