Mucha Lucha!

Season 3 Episode 8

Whole Lotta El Reys (aka A Whole Lot of El Rey)/Doomien

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Whole Lotta El Reys: Ricochet and The Flea were playing with their toys. After Ricochet's El Rey defeats another one of The Flea's toys, The Flea wants an El Rey action figure for himself. So, Ricochet makes an El Rey copy for The Flea. However, this El Rey keeps escaping from The Flea, wanting to be with Ricochet instead. The Flea thinks that Ricochet keeps taking the El Rey away, so he runs off crying. The El Rey copy makes more copies. Ricochet battles them, getting them in his favorite chili. The El Reys form a chili El Rey, which still wants to be Ricochet's friend. Seeing how sad the chili El Rey is, Ricochet gives it to The Flea, who came back to give Ricochet a piece of his mind. The Flea becomes happy with his new El Rey. Ricochet also becomes happy, until his mother comes in and finds a trashed kitchen.

Doomien: As ace reporter The Flea witnesses, Ricochet and Buena Girl are tag team members, and were winning a match. With one of their opponents about to fight back, Buena Girl pushes Ricochet out of the way. Buena Girl and Ricochet get into a big arguement on what they did wrong and split up. So, Ricochet teams with Snowpea, and Buena Girl teams up with Doomien, who appears to be a nerd. Doomien takes the ring underground where he reveals his true nature. Scared, Snowpea runs off, leaving Ricochet to fight Doomien by himself. As Buena Girl watches, she decides Ricochet does not deserve such a beating and teams with him again. They both defeat Doomien, the ring rises back to their school, and the crowd cheers unenthusiastically.