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  • The new servant at Miss Farnaby's estate uses gentle, and not so gentle, humor to coax the reclusive grump into happier interactions. A Mysterious Stranger unnerves the protective new servant at Miss Farnaby's estate. The audience is tickled and wanting t

    In one of the niftier "Britcoms" I've seen, Mulberry can surprise you by making you chuckle one moment, then surprise you with a quietly poignant moment the next. Some could say it's predictable, and to a degree, it is once you understand the premise of the show. Yet the charasmatic leads- Karl Howman and Geraldine McEwan- are perfectly cast as the fun and enigmatic Mulberry and the mischevious, grumpy, lovely Miss Farnaby, respectively.

    As Bert and Alice, Tony Selby and Lill Roughley (as I've seen only the first series) are fun as the long-suffering handiman and cook of Miss Farnaby. Their relationships with Miss Farnaby, Mulberry, and each other are fun to watch.

    As I noted, I've only seen some of the first series of the show, but I really enjoy the languid pacing (you feel the ending abruptly interrupts your time with the cast sometimes)and the relationships between the main four characters. I also enjoy the premise, which is niftily presented.

    I highly recommend this show to anyone. Parents might also use this to springboard into deeper discussions, as it's a very gentle show with a recurring bit of edge.