Mumbai Calling

Season 1 Episode 5

Dating Season

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2009 on ITV
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Dating Season
Kenny finds out that Dev has accepted a speaking engagement on his behalf but Kenny is initially reluctant to give the speech until he is convinced by Dev.

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      • Sir Rupert: Now, these bashes are jolly good fun – provided you're completely sozzled in time for those god-awful speeches.
        Kenny: I'm staying focused. I'm delivering the 'god-awful speech'.
        (Sir Rupert is utterly unfazed.)
        Sir Rupert: Oh, quite right, too. Now what's the last line of your speech? I want to beat the rush for the bog.
        Kenny: Ah, well, actually... (Pats jacket) It's quite an uplifting, final...
        (He pats his jacket again. A worried look descends. He pats the other side of his jacket. A look of panic. Quick cutaway to his speech, still sitting on the printer.)
        Kenny: Shit!
        Sir Rupert: A final shit? Too late, old man, you're nearly on.

      • Dev: With the British, everything is about sex. Therefore, a dating agency is not about dating, it's about sex.
        Sarika: So, when they say they're hoping for friendship?
        Dev: They're probably looking for sex.
        Prem: And when they say they want a 'companion'?
        Dev: They are definitely looking for sex.
        Bindiya: And when they say they want sex?
        Dev: They are rampant sex addicts!
        (The staff seem shocked.)
        Dev: Everything they say is loaded with innuendo.
        (Terri looks into the conference room.)
        Terri: Ah, Dev, I need you right now.
        (The staff exchange glances.)
        Terri: There's something I can't put my finger on. Perhaps you can help...
        (Dev looks uncertain. Terri pauses. She turns to look at the staff. The staff are all staring at her, open-mouthed, in shock.)
        Terri: Have I come at the wrong moment?
        (The supervisors are shocked and everybody sniggers.)
        Terri: Look, I seem to be getting calls for you in my office. From a 'Hardeep'?
        Dev: Ah yes, thank you, Miss Terri. (Hastily) That's a work call.
        Terri: Well, he says he's having problems trying to get it to stay up.

      • Sarika (on the intercom): Mr. Kenny, the supervisors are waiting for you in the conference room.
        Dev: Ah yes, you have to tell them how to handle these dating calls.
        Kenny: But, Dev, I'm dredging words from the very pit of my soul here. Can you do it?
        Dev: Dredge the pit of your very soul? (Shudders) Euugh!

      • Lovely: And what was wrong with the last man we fixed you up with, madam?
        Caller: Absolutely nothing. He was great!
        Lovely: (Reading off the screen) Tall, Swedish, athletic...
        Caller: Yep, great body. Great.
        Lovely: So why don't you want to see any more of him?
        Caller: Well, I don't think there's any more of him to see, darling, if you know what I mean. Got any short Scottish redheads this time?
        Lovely: Certainly.
        Caller: But something that really packs the kilt.

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