Mumbai Calling

Saturday 10:00 PM on ITV Premiered May 30, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Philip Glass has bought a call-centre in Mumbai as part of a takeover. He sends Kenny Gupta to take charge and attempt to turn its fortunes around. Philip's pampered daughter Tiffany - whom he has adored from afar for years - and her gormless, freeloading cousin Anthony accompany Kenny on his journey. Kenny arrives in India and comes across Dev, the manager who is using the centre to help fund his own profitable sidelines.moreless
    • Teknobable
      Episode 1
      Kenny Gupta is in Mumbai, depressed, missing work and drinking his days away. Head office send in a certain Terri Johnson for an "on site inspection". Dev finds Kenny and convinces him to come to the office and show Terri Johnson that he can do his job. A crisis breaks out in London, people's houses are being flooded. Kenny, together with Terri, who isn't who he expected, solve the crisis and save the day. Head office asks Terri to remain in Mumbai and supervise the call center.moreless
    • Home Comforts
      Home Comforts
      Episode 2
      It's the Ganesh Chaturthy festival in Mumbai and the traffic is horrible. Kenny is taken to the office by Sunil, the taxi driver Dev had sent for him. He talks to the employees about the great opportunity the Route Sat Traffic Solutions contract is for them. Terri loses her hotel room and Dev offers to accommodate her until she finds another one. Arriving there, Terri humiliates Dev in front of his family, by telling them that she is his boss. Kenny is about to lose the Route Sat contract due to a misunderstanding with a hearse and a lion. In the end, Sunil-the-driver, who used to be a doctor, helps a pregnant couple give birth on the highway and the day is saved.moreless
    • Good Sellers
      Good Sellers
      Episode 3
      Terri is worried that the workers at the centre do not speak with clear English accents so she arranges some coaching for them.
    • Boy To Man
      Boy To Man
      Episode 4
      Terri thinks everyone at the call center lacks confidence so she gives them a crash course in self-confidence.
    • Dating Season
      Dating Season
      Episode 5
      Kenny finds out that Dev has accepted a speaking engagement on his behalf but Kenny is initially reluctant to give the speech until he is convinced by Dev.
    • My Mate Mumbai
      My Mate Mumbai
      Episode 6
      Kenny is fed up with India but if he is to get home to London he has to organise the centre's accounts. However, Terri and Kenny know that Dev has made such a mess of the credit card database that it is impossible for Kenny to go home until it is sorted out.moreless
    • All That Glitters Is Not Glass
      Philip, the owner of the call centre, is coming to Mumbai. Kenny wakes up in Terri's bed but he cannot remember anything about how he got there.