Mumbai Calling

Saturday 10:00 PM on ITV Premiered May 30, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Kenny Gupta, an Indian living in London, unwillingly finds himself running a Call Center in India. Throughout the show, we see him and the other employees getting to know one another, falling in love and answering the craziest and stupidest of questions.

    I saw all seven episodes from the first series because I had to translate them for the TV station I work for. I expected some boring Indian soap-opera with nothing to offer. What I actually found surprised me a bit. The language is English, the accent is one you can understand. The actors are not half bad, even though I had never seen them in another show. As the episodes passed, I found myself falling in love with their sincere kind of humor, their way of being. The characters are not false or forced, but natural, real. Surprisingly, this show has it all: situational humor, good jokes, mimics, great lines, really great script writers, crazy actors ready to do just about anything and everything and an incredible English accent (together with the occasional Indian one...). It was really fun to watch!