Mummies Alive!

(ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Show Me the Mummy!
      Show Me the Mummy!
      Episode 42
      The final episode. Joe has become intent on finding out who and what these Mummies are.
    • We've Got One!
      We've Got One!
      Episode 41
      While the Mummies are fighting Scarab, Rath crashes into Bob the policeman, and they are both knocked unconscious. Together, they get taken to the hospital.
    • The Heart's Arrow (3)
      Ja-Kal contemplates about Kimas, about his own son, and about his duty. Rath realizes that if they destroy Arakh's scorpion charm, then Arakh's scorpion suit will be sent back through the Western Gate forever, taking Arakh with it.
    • Family Feud - Part Three
    • New Mummy in Town (2)
      Scarab now calls forth Kimas' spirit. Heka tells Kimas about the modern world and he takes a skateboard and goes out to explore.
    • Family Feud - Part Two
    • Brother's Keeper (1)
      A new exhibit is featured at the museum. Two mummy cases are included, and the Mummies note that one is labeled "Kimas" and the other "Scorpion". When Ja-Kal opens a case, Set and Anubis attack him. They were stealing the mummies and the sarcophoguses for Scarab.
    • Family Feud- Part One
    • My Dad the Hero
      My Dad the Hero
      Episode 37
      Presley's father arrives unexpectedly for the weekend.
    • Who's Who?
      Who's Who?
      Episode 36
      A Chinese fire-breathing dragon comes to life. Joe and Bob's policecar go up in flames. It is the handywork of Bes. Bes changes identities
    • True Believer
      True Believer
      Episode 35
      Scarab decides to offer $10,000 to anyone who can lead him to the Mummies.
    • Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies
      Rath is trying an incantation to invoke the power of a Talisman (a bug-like amulet). Rath translated the incantation incorrectly into: "By the spirit that guides us all, make me as the beetle strong" and it does not work.When Armon reads it, he says it correctly where the last word is "small" and not "strong". Instantly all four Mummies shrink to the size of cockroaches.moreless
    • The Bird-Mummy of Alcatraz
      Presley and the Mummies go on a tour of Alcatraz. Armon takes a side trip to the dining hall and the Mummies and Presley lose the group
    • Object of His Affections
      Talos is back, and he is in love with San Francisco's famous Statue of Victory and he takes the statue. Scarab offers to bring his "girlfriend" to life if Talos would bring Prince Rapses (Presley) to him.
    • Tree O'Clock Rock
      Tree O'Clock Rock
      Episode 31
      Scarab believes the Tree of Life can make him younger again, so he hires Bes to get the Tree for him.
    • Eye of the Beholder
      Mr. Huxley and his class (including Presley) are touring the Fisherman's Wharf. Chontra terrifies them with spirits and leaves a cat statue that the Mummies take back to their Sphinx.
    • Monster Truck Mania
      The Monster Truck Rally of the Century is taking place, and Bubba Baxter, Presley's race-truck driver friend is entered.
    • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley
      Presley and the Mummies are at school to get the stone obelisk that brought Chontra in Good Bye Mr. Cheops.
    • Pepped with Good Intention
      Nefer-Tina wishes on a star for someone to love her. Somehow that wish brings Apep back through the Western Gate. He is in the same human form known as Pep as he was in Desert Chic, and again wants Nefer-Tina to be his queen.
    • A Dark and Shrieky Night
      After another course of battle with Scarab, the mummies find themselves in a heap of trouble; their vehicle was on the other side of the bay! They'll have to explore the city, and manuever their way back to the Sphinx while trying to conceal their identities.
    • Water, Water Everywhere...
      Scarab plans on generating money through the need of water, and summons Nuhn over from the western gate to aid him. That is, unless Armon and his knowledge of evaporation, along with the mummies, have anything to say about that.
    • Married to the Geb
      Married to the Geb
      Episode 24
      An angry Geb seems to be causing some damage in San Francisco. When the mummies try to pinpoint the problem, each member of the group finds themselves, playing the role as love doctors to try and unite Geb and his wife Ned, before his broken and rageful heart destroys San Francisco!moreless
    • Kid Scarab
      Kid Scarab
      Episode 23
      In order to finally fulfill his dream of capturing the soul of Rapses, Scarab tries disguising himself as a kid to get close to him. Presley tries to impress Cynthia by bringing chaperones to her field trip, where they're headed to a dough factory. Scarab uses his magic to create a dough monster and distract the mummies while he tries capturing Rapses' soul.moreless
    • Loss of Face
      Loss of Face
      Episode 22
      Nefertina is feeling down when fantasizing about having a normal life. When the mummies confront Scarab in order to retrieve a diamond he stole from the museum, his youth potion accidentally makes its way towards Nefertina, causing her skin to become young again. With her new gorgeous face, all eyes are pointing towards her, but is her beauty getting in the way of her friendship?moreless
    • Tempting Offer
      Tempting Offer
      Episode 21
      Chantra has returned, and is working together with Scarab in order to obtain eternal life and youth through the soul of Rapses. She takes the form of a beautiful student named Sheryl, and leads him into a secluded area, where no one can see them taking Rapses' soul. While this is happening, the mummies are working as waiters for a soon to be torn down restaurant.moreless
    • Ghouls' Gold
      Ghouls' Gold
      Episode 20
      The ghosts of gold-rush miners are accidentally invoked by Scarab.
    • Missing Ja-Kal
      Missing Ja-Kal
      Episode 19
      Scarab decides to try to get rid of Ja-Kal. By doing so, he figures the Mummies without their leader will fall into disarray.
    • Sleight of Hand
      Sleight of Hand
      Episode 18
      Scarab was fed up of being ganged up by the mummies in all of his attempts of capturing Prince Rapses. He challenges them in a maze competition, where battles are fought individually. The catch is, magic is forbidden, which Scarab excels at. However, he has technology on his side...
    • Miscast
      Episode 17
      While the mummies were raiding on a junkyard the cheptes were in, they acquired some metal that can bring Talos back to life. Rath recreated him, except now he's completely obedient, and minature. Presley decides to use him to clean up his room, but when he hit his head, his memories came back, giving him back the desire to rule the world once again..moreless
    • The Face in the Mirror
      Anubis and Set are attempting revenge on Prince Rapses again, and this time, the universe is literally on their side. The Eye of Darkness was brought forth, allowing Presley to be taken over by the entity beyond the ancient mirror. Will Presley's end not come off the hands of Scarab?
    • The Egyp-Tsu Kid
      The Egyp-Tsu Kid
      Episode 15
      A carnival is being held, and carnivals attracts kids, mainly kids possessing the spirits of Rapses! Scarab takes control of it in order to capture Presley. However, Presley has some of his own problems with a bully from school, and consults to Armon to learn how he can defend himself during fights.moreless
    • The Prince and the Presley
      Scarab's minions stole a scroll from the musuem that allows him to travel through time. He uses it to summon the real Prince Rapses from ancient Egytp, though the mummies got to him before Scarab did. With the real Prince in the modern era, the mummies are quickly forgetting about Presley...moreless
    • Reunion
      Episode 13
      It's father's day, and unfortunately for Presley, his father is in Memphis. Jakal tries being a replacement, but it just makes the boy angry. Though it seems like things are about to change when the Pharaoh crosses over from the Western Gate. Could this really be the father of Rapses?
    • Dog Bites Mummy
      Dog Bites Mummy
      Episode 12
      Set and Anubis are still after revenge on the Mummies. They capture Elaine to lure the Mummies to them.
    • The Curse of Sekhmet
      Scarab is cursed with the common cold, and none of the remedies in the modern world seems to be helping him. He decides to summon Seghmet, who might be able to cure his sickness. Instead, Seghmet decides to wreck havoc in San Francisco. The mummies try stopping her, but it's no use. Rath comes up with a plan, but in order for it to work, Scarab needs to be involved...moreless
    • Paws
      Episode 10
      Madness spreads among Nefertina and city cats when furious and imperious cat goddess Bastet returns. Leader Ja-Kal may have to take out Nefertina to save Raspes and the city.
    • Body Slam
      Body Slam
      Episode 9
      A weakening Armon seeks to prove himself by entering a 'toughest' man competition. He must face TALOS, the bronze giant, in the finale.
    • Good Bye Mr. Cheops
      Rath is stalked by former love CHANTRA, a vain enchantress who appears as Presley's substitute teacher when Mr. Huxley is sent to the demon-filled world beyond the Western Gate.
    • Dead Man Walking
      Dead Man Walking
      Episode 7
      An amnesiac Rath must swallow his pride and depend on the help of homeless strangers to survive. Meanwhile, Scarab "drains the years" out of the homeless in order to extend his own life.
    • High Nuhn
      High Nuhn
      Episode 6
      While Scarab yearns to be younger (invoking water spirit NUHN to find the fountain of youth), Presley yearns to be older, to win an eighth-grade girl's heart.
    • Desert Chic
      Desert Chic
      Episode 5
      Nefertina, frustrated by lack of respect, falls in love with a charming biker who in truth is the snake demon Apep, who is looking to take revenge on the family of 'boy prince.'
    • The Gift of Geb
      The Gift of Geb
      Episode 4
      Scarab invokes the earth spirit Geb to help defeat the mummies and grab the boy in time for the eclipse. They get Ja-Kal and demand Presley give himself up or Ja-Kal will die.
    • Pack to the Future
      Scarab sends a pack of animal spirits after Presley, who is out camping with his mom. Scarab discovers that an approaching eclipse is the key to using the boy to gain immortality.
    • Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian
      Scarab's mysterious scorpion puts Presley into a dreamlike state. In the dream Presley sees the queen, Scarab and the mummies as they once were.
    • Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra
      Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra
      Episode 1
      Scarab grabs for Presley, the Mummies appear to protect him, Nefertina is revealed to be a female, and the stage is set.
  • Specials