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(ended 1997)


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  • Not very cool.

    This animation was a different take on a different genre. A young boy turns out to be a Pharaoh in a previous life. It is up to a gang of reanimated mummies to protect the boy from a series of events concocted by the evil 'Scarab'.

    All of the characters follow the typical norms of a children's programme. The evil character is bumbling, the mummies contain a heroic, intelligent and a strong but thick characters. The programme is probably better for older children (7+),as some of the sequences are violent and younger children would probably not pick up the complex story lines.
  • I remembered it better as a kid.

    Presley's mother is opening up an Egyptian musuem in San Francisco. What Presley himself didn't know was how important he would be to some of the artifacts and runes that sleep deep within the display show. In particular, an evil sorceror named Scarab draws the most interest in him, as possessing him, and extracting the soul of Rapses within him, will give him eternal life. Though Rapses has some guardians to protect him from Scarab that come in the form of the humble, noble, and leader of the group, Jakal; the wise, impatient, and always flustered Rath; the hungry and powerful Armon; and the reckless, adrenaline loving Nefertina, who's also the only female member in the group. Throughout the TV series, these band of four warriors protect Presley from not only Scarab, but also other Ancient Egyptian beasts who pose a threat against Presley.

    The beginning of almost every single episode introduces the conflict within that episode, and ends with the mummies solving the problem and successfully protecting Presley from whatever danger came his way. Other than three episodes, none of the small stories throughout Mummies Alive ever extended beyond two episodes, and the story stops developing after the second episode, making this an extreme form of an episodic action cartoon. Not to say they were bad; in fact, for the first ten or so episodes, it was pretty solid! It was just so entertaining watching these four mummies, completely ignorant of the modern world, learn about their surroundings, making the simplest mistakes that would label you as an idiot if ever caught saying or doing the act. Some of the stories were actually pretty creative, and I've always been absorbed into historical figures and sights, so this was definitely a treat.

    The action isn't the greatest in the world, but it more than met that requirement to make it a justfiable watch as an action show. It's just so creative watching these four mummies, after chanting their signature "With the Strength of Ra!" line and transforming themselves into true combat warriors, destroy their opponents one by one using their different weapons and abilities in unique and varied ways. The choreography is very well done, but the action in general suffers because of some freezing time rate problems that a couple of old action cartoons suffered as well.

    If the action didn't meet expectations, then you could have always looked forward to the humour. I do my best to evade children action cartoons because of their reliance on corny and lame jokes that always manages to crack a kid up. This doesn't apply to Mummies Alive; in fact, there are times when the jokes may appeal exclusively to teenagers. It's a rewarding view when watching these four mummies adjust their old lives to mold it in order to survive the modern world. It also scores points for good character development as you watch the mummies progress into smarter beings and even incorporate their magic with modern technology. Though the main Joker in this series who takes all the credit for the comedy, is the always hungry Armon. He always makes a very funny joke regarding the fastfood restaurant "Beefy Burgers", or food in general. Mummies Alive is one of the more amusing and funnier action cartoons out there.

    However, as the series drags on, and the mummies become more civilized citizens like us, the episodes start suffering from a lack of creativity, as well as repetition. How many more times can Scarab fail until you start getting bored? At the maximum, maybe fiftenn episodes. Well, he decided to fail at least thirty more times. Most of the later episodes feel too predictable because the idea that Scarab isn't going to succeed was sort of glued into the back of your mind. You knew what was going to happen. Though it wasn't only the repetition that made the cartoon worse.

    The creativity like mentioned before, sort of ties into the repetition. A lot of the earlier episodes actually wasn't always about Scarab. In fact, there were a couple that didn't involve him at all. Some historical figures, as well as some made up ones, made themselves the focal villain for the entirety of the episode, and it was just entertaining watching a new villain take over. Though in almost every single episode later on the cartoon, it was almost always Scarab and his cheptes getting owned by the four mummies.

    Though it's not only the story that suffer from a lack of creativity. The fights and comedy do as well! The fights in particular get pretty boring to watch as you get tired of watching the touch sensitive cheptes fall apart in almost every single episode. It seems like in conjuction to the Mummies being more aware of the modern world, they become more predictable and dull fighters. The humour on the otherhand, isn't really hit as hard, but Armon makes less food jokes as the series develops.

    There are still a handful of episodes in the second half of the cartoon that are worth watching. In fact, some of the best episodes are contained within the second half, but also some of the worse are there too. The first half is a good watch, though the second half just drags things out unnecessarily. For an action cartoon released years ago, this is pretty solid with some good action, ocassionally engaging stories, unique jokes and personalities, and some fun and memorable characters. Overall, it doesn't rack itself up with some of the better, more famous, and more licensed action cartoons before the millenium, but you'll still find some charm here you won't find anywhere else.
  • Even if it only ran for one season, they should bring it back! It was amazing!

    Mummies Alive! had everything you could want in a cartoon. Action, adventure, laughs, puns and much more. A show about mummies from ancient Egypt being brought back to life to protect the reincarnation of their murdered prince from the person who murdered him centuries ago. The creators of the show should bring the show back for another season because even if it has been of the air for almost ten years it still has fans that want to see it again.
  • A cool action packedm show with lots of fighting

    I think was truly a great show not because of the romance not because of the drama but because of the action and the storyline. It had some truly awesome fight scenes and enemies a the mummies armour was award winning. despite all of that the main reason why I like it is because of the theme song. I think one of the greatest theme song for a cartoon ever. It was wasn\'t a ground breaking cartoon but bthe action and the theme song was enough to keep me happy and in my eyes a truly great cartoon of the 90\'s
  • Presley is Prince Rapses. The power mummies are saving their prince from the evil Scarab. Would Scarab take Presley? The power mummies have fought Scarab and his evil mummies. Scarab was taking Presley and his spirit, Prince Rapses. I am feeling great. Sc

    I am feeling great. Presley is Prince Rapses. The power mummies are fighting Scarab and his evil mummies. Would Scarab take Presley? Scarab was taking Presley and his spirit, Prince Rapses. Scarab took Presley from the power mummies. The power mummies have saved their prince, Presley from the evil Scarab.
  • Cool show. not one of the best of the 90's, but still a decent show.

    Mummies Alive was a pretty good show. The show followed a boy who was the direct desendant of a pharoh. He had these mummies that protected him. The show did not stay on for a long time. They only had one season or something like that. The show was cancelled to make way for newer shows. A good show overall