Mummies Alive!

Season 1 Episode 42

Show Me the Mummy!

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1997 on

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  • Nothing happened.

    Joe the Policeman has become so obsessed with exploiting the mummies that walk among them, that he has opened up his very own radio program titled "Show me the mummy!" In it, various miscallaneous characters throughout the cartoon series share stories of their mummy sightings, which are all of the same mummies. Though at the end, after hearing an emotional story, Joe decides to put his mummy hunt a rust.

    A pretty bad way to end a cartoon series. There's nothing wrong with the approach, it's just that they basically took a bunch of random scenes from past episodes, and stuck them all together within this episode. It felt rather disorganized, and much of the flashbacks felt they should have been shorter. There should have been more scenes involving Joe and him doing some other stuff than him listening to a bunch of stories we've already heard.

    Though it did feel pretty good going down memory lane, rewatching some old scenes of this cartoon. However, in general, the story still didn't really conclude, as Scarab is still out there. It left off of a cliffhanger, though I've never really had problems with these types of endings in the past, as long as it ended happily. This didn't really end happily however.