Mummies Alive!

Season 1 Episode 41

We've Got One!

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1997 on

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  • Hilarious!

    While the mummies were battling Scarab, Rath makes a little encounter with one of the policemen. Both of them are taken to the hospital. Nefertina, Armon, and Jakal, now need to find a way to rescue Rath. They infiltrate the hospital, claiming to be family members, but the doctors placed Rath in the deceased section. It seems Rath has wandered off, and had fallen into the hands of the Federal government with their weird experiments. Rath was being held down on a stretcher for testing. The mummies rescue him, but accidentally take Policeman Bob with them. The Federal government is chasing after the mummies, but ultimately fail.

    A hilarious episode definitely worthwhile your time. Nothing really cracked you up; most of the content here was more charming than crack you up, but there were many moments that made you laugh out loud, like when Armon accidentally entered a room while a mother was giving birth to her baby, Jakal completely wrapping a person up with bandages as if he was a mummy, Rath's sophisticated dialogue, among other moments. This episode is very similar to the one when the mummies had to find their way back to the Sphinx, and are even initiated the same way, battling Scarab in the beginning, and disappearing after. In fact, along with the previous three episodes, this is what Mummies Alive should have been all along; an engaging and fun cartoon that pits these ignorant mummies within the dangers of modern society. It's the ignorance and the mummies reactions that really gave this episode its charm.