Muppet Babies

Season 2 Episode 12

By the Book

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 30, 1985 on CBS
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By the Book
The nursery has been repainted and the kids are disappointed that their toys have been moved up to the attic by the painters so Nanny brings them some picture books to look at. So the babies do their own versions of stories like Robin Hood, Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan.moreless

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  • A Pixie? No, I'm Mary Lou Retton!

    This is another fun Muppet Baby episode where the kids have nothing to do to pass the time and must entertain themselves by using their imaginations.

    Everyone's toys and things got moved up to the attic while the nursery was painted. Nanny gives them (the usual) books to look at in the meantime. Skeeter declares she'd rather exercise than look at a bunch of boring books The kids shrug and begin the game without her.

    Kermit starts with the story of Robin Hood. Animal and Scooter play unusually merry men in Dixieland band outfits. Gonzo forgets this story takes place in BC time (before cowboys!) After Kermit and Maid Piggy escape from the evil Sheriff they meet Skeeter who insists everyone join her in a workout.

    Piggy tells the next story, a parody of Oz with Kermit as the underemployed Scare Frog, Fozzie the Cowardly Comic and Gonzo the Tin Weirdo. Rowlf plays Piggy's dog, naturally.

    Nice insertion of today's song into the fantasy, "Someone's Gonna (Going to) Fix It" which the four Muppet Babies sing as they journey down the yellow brick road.

    They find the wizard, (voiced by Frank Welker doing his Megatron voice from Transformers) who intimidates them until Bunsen and Beaker (also voiced by Frank) reveal themselves. Bunsen has the perfect invention that will solve all their problems.

    Animal the flying monkey swoops in and scares everyone into Piggy's hot air balloon. Everyone had fun in that story.

    There's still time for one more. Scooter attempts to tell the story of Peter Pan but he keeps running into snags until Skeeter steps in to help. They'll be Scooter and Skeeter Pan who visit Kermit, Rowlf and Fozzie with Piggy playing the pixie. Lots of fun jokes as they use a real airplane to fly to Neverland and fight Captain Hook Nose. Animal Gator swallows a clock before Skeeter consults the storybook and reminds him the alligator chases Gonzo's character.

    Skeeter admits books can be fun and Nanny reads them a story to end the show.

    "Go bye, bye!" End Tag: Everyone is sleeping peacefully in the two cribs, even Nanny sits, a book lying face down in her lap to show she's also fallen asleep in her chair. Camera pans over to Animal who wakes up and is about to speak but Gonzo sits up and stops him. "No Animal, don't say it" "What?"

    "You know," Gonzo shouts Animal's line, waking everyone and sighs in disgust at his mistake.moreless
  • When the kids' toys are moved to the attic by painters who repainted the nursery, they decide to look through picture books and tell the stories by using their imaginations.

    Great episode! The nursery has just been repainted and the kids are upset because the painters had to move their toys to the attic so that they could have room to work. So, Nanny brings them some picture books to look at while waiting for their stuff to come down from the attic. By the book has to be one of my favorite episodes of all time because it has the muppet babies playing characters of parts in different stories. Favorite scene has to be where they parody the Wizard of Oz, which is one of my favorite movies. I recommend this episode. You can find this episode over on

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    • (in song)
      Gonzo: Uh-oh!
      Piggy: Looks like trouble!
      Fozzie: Whoa!
      Rowlf: We knew the rules, we knew the game, we only have ourselves to blame.
      Kermit: She told us once, she told us twice...
      All: And now we're paying the price! Jailbirds! Feels like a prison cell! Yipes! We're wearing stripes! Sitting in the slammer with a sad, sad story to tell.
      Gonzo: We lost control, we ran insane, and now we're dragging that ball and chain.
      Piggy: Can't have cookies, no TV.
      All: And the warden's got the key.
      Fozzie: Oh no!
      All: We're jailbirds, feels like a prison cell. Yipes! We're wearing stripes! Sitting in the slammer with a sad, sad story to tell.
      Rowlf: Life's a drag when you can't be free.
      Girls: You can't go swimming or climb a tree.
      Fozzie: Every day, looks the same.
      All: You're just a number, you got no name!
      Kermit: We learned our lesson and now we know, playing by the rules is the way to go.
      Boys: If we ever get out, we'll change our plan.
      Gonzo: Hey! Let's be bad all over again!
      All: No! Jailbirds, feels like a prison cell, yipes! We're wearing stripes! Sitting in the slammer with a sad, sad story to tell. Sad story, a sad sad story. Sitting in the slammer with a sad, sad story to tell.
      Rowlf: Boo hoo.
      All: Sitting in the slammer with a sad, sad story to tell...Jailbirds!

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