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    Greetings posters! I just want to set some rules down to ensure a happy time on this forum. Bashing will not be allowed towards members in the forum or the show. However, if you would like to make a remark about the show do so in a respectful matter as to not cause a controversy. If this were to proceed you will be banned. I would personally appricate that words are completely spelt out. I know this is unlikely, but it represents you more as a person as opposed to "how r u?" - This is not rules, only it is prefered. Post at your descreation. The "legal" age to be a member is 13 and if any information given on one's age, or home life i.e address, etc will be deleted. This is to avoid any safety issues. Most of all enjoy yourself and I look forward to reading each and everyone of the your opinions and would be happy to share my own. Thanks for taking your time to read this and most of all caring about the show.
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