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  • Rugrat Puppets!

    Few ep (00)
  • Muppet Babies

    This series has great episodes in Season One - Season Four, Film Sound Editing in Season One, Season Five and Film Sound Mixing in Season Five.
  • Adorable!

    I remember watching this on VHS when I was 6 years old in day care center right before I went to school.I actually like this more than the regular muppets.It's just one of the cutest shows ever seeing the muppets as little babies.Rowlf used to be my favorite out of all of them.
  • It's the Muppets as babies!

    I remember wathing Muppet Babies when I was a child it was a great show growing up. The characters went on many adventures and they had such active imaginations it was great. Nanny was cool too even though they never showed her... I always thought she was disfigured or something because they only showed her green and white socks and her shoes. The kids were all cool but my favorite as usual still is Kermit he was the leader of the pack and the guest stars were great too, the bunny and benson and beeker showing up. They should show re-runs again for the new generation of children they would definitly love the show.
  • Loved every minute and every rerun

    I fall into a special category of people who grew up watching Muppet Babies thinking that this is where it all started. Now I'm older and I love watching the Muppet Show and knowing that Muppet Babies was a spin off of the Jim Henson classic. Muppet Babies is yet another example of exactly how imaginative people can be. I don't think there was ever a truly original plot, because the show always leeched idea from popular culture, but!....Condensing some of these leeched plots into a 30 minute cartoon with the characters at hand is a work of genius. On top of that, the Muppet Babies using pop culture as plot devices was one of the early attempts to get parents to watch TV with their kids...I applaud Muppet Babies for their imagination and forward thinking.
  • One of the Best

    One of the best and most classic cartoons form my childhood most of the storys of the show are great for the whole family to enjoy i enjoyed this show when i was a kid and still do now at of all of the charters i do not have a favorite because all of them are super call and not of them are boring and the adventure that they go on are great as well i give this show a rating of 10 out of 10 points for basicly eveything about the show that is what i have to say the end.
  • Awww... they were so cute.

    I used to love the Muppet babies as a kid. I always thought Rolfe was the cutest. It was a nice cartoon series made for kids. Maybe they should make something like that again, (the Muppets don't seem like they have been doing anything lately as a muppet or cartoon...)
  • Perfect cartoon!

    I used to watch this cartoon when I was about 4 years old and I kept watching until I was 15! These days I don't watch it anymore, but sadly, because my network doesn't air it anymore, so, I miss this little people... Gonzo and Piggy, well, there were so much funny, tghe best characters ever! =)
  • This show was about the muppets when they were babies.

    This show was about the muppets when they were babies. They had the nanny, and u never saw her face? Gonzo, Miss. Piggy, Kermit, they were all there. This show was definiately one of my absolute favorites. I remember staying home from school and watching it on Nick Jr. I watched it until Nick Jr. stopped showing it. I was crushed. I mean if you ask most teens what they watched as kids Muppet Babies would be one of those shows. It was just adorable and I think it would be so great if they showed some episodes just for the heck of it.
  • A childhood favorite

    This has been a favorite of mine for as long I can remenber.

    It's the muppets like you'd never see them before. As toddlers. They live in a big house with a nursury where all the action takes place at.

    They use their imagination to explore their own adventures without leaving the nursery.

    Their guardian is Nanny a middle aged woman who's identified with her large green socks. Her face is never shown through the whole series.

    Those who like Muppets will love this series. It's an All Age show. And perfect for kids and adult who grew up watching it.
  • A classic show I watched growing up that never should've ended.

    Muppet Babies was a classic in it's own right that I watched growing up. I loved watching it, and I watched it whenever it was on. I liked all of the babies, but overall, Gonzo, Kermit, Animal, and Fozzie were my favorites. My favorite episode was the finale, the theme park one. I had the VHS and I watched it at least twice a week. I really wish this show had never ended, or at least still aired. If it did, I would still watch it. Overall, Muppet Babies was an excellant show, and I give it a perfect score, 10 out of 10.
  • I'm sick with the way Muppet Babies has been treated ever since Nick Jr. took it off the air

    Muppet Babies is the greatest cartoon EVER. I was so upset when Nick Jr. took it off the air. I heard they gave it to Noggin and Noggin took it off as well. It is perfect for Noggin. It is a lot more appropiate than some cartoons these days. Like Spongebob Squarepants. Don't get me wrong, I don't see anything wrong with Spongebob but other People do when they call him gay and whatnot. What I hate about it is that it is not on TV anymore or on DVD. it was probably the Biggest Hit in 80's cartoons. In 2002, Cartoon Network gave us Baby Looney Tunes, which is a good cartoon but it's kind of a cheap take off of Muppet Babies. Disney bought the Jim Henson company and still has done very little with this cartoon. they put out 4 Dolls : 1. Piggy 2. Kermit 3. Gonzo and 4. Fozzie and each doll contained a dvd filled with one episode based on the character of the doll. It Upstes me that Disney won't release the seires on dvd. IT would be a big hit on DVD. The cartoon only totalled 107 episodes. I want to see a dvd box set of the entire series or at least start off with Season box sets. It is so well needed.
  • One of the best shows that I have ever seen. I wish they would bring it back for the preschoolers now. I hated that Nickjr took it off and then Noggin took it off & I didn't even know they had been playing it.

    This show teaches preschoolers that using your imagination is great. They show how they can go to different lands even from their nursery. I would love to have this show back. I can't say that enough... Hopefully Boomerang will bring it back. I hope we'll have season dvds soon if they don't bring back to tv. Thanks for hearing this long drawn out review. I'm still trying to make it 100 words min, but it's not working out for me... ha ha ha. So please don't read all of this. Ok you can stop now. I said stop! this is it 103 words!
  • Muppet Babies was one of the most educational and creative shows for children in the 80s, not just in the world of cartoons.

    I miss the Muppet Babies episodes so much. I am only hoping that one day all of the episodes will be on DVD, uncut, unedited, and in their full glory. Until that day, I will continue to watch the only seven episodes that I have recorded on a tape I've had since I was 3!
  • Another favorite.

    Muppet Babies follow popular Muppets stars like Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and others as....well, babies.

    At such a young age, they all have an extremly huge imagination. Just like all of the other cartoons from the 1980's, this was another one instant favorite for me.

    I have no favorites, cause I loved them all. Best moments (next to the imagination sequences) were the way they literally interact with the audience, like stare at a screen whenever someone does something stupid or to make a comment on something (which is always funny)

    No doubt about it, a true classic all the way.
  • why

    i was never there to watch it but i show one epsidoe. it was great iwas luaghing so hard, I kept rewinding it over and over again . I wish life was like that. But i really do like the show the things you grew up with growing up as babies.
  • Everything an animated TV show should be!

    The 1980's were a sort of rebirth for animation as it was. While there was certainly a large amount of over the top top programming at the time, shows like Muppet Babies proved that you could both educate and entertain at the same time.

    MB combined excellent story-telling with material that both children and their parents could enjoy. To this day my mother can remember watching this show with me. While at times it can be a bit corny (it is a kids show), it holds up very well for a show that is now more than 20 years old.

    The animation was excellent and the series drew from movies and events that just about anyone can relate to.

    MB inspired everything from Tiny Toons to Rugrats and left children's cartoons forever changed. Along with Garfield, Pee Wee's Playhouse and Ninja Turtles, MB gave CBS perhaps one of the best Saturday Morning lineups around. The shows consistently beat the competition and the babies were easily the heavy hitters of that stacked lineup.

    Ironically the show is the last of the CBS dynasty to see a DVD release. Could it be on the horizon after Disney Releases The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock? One can only hope.
  • A child's fantasy world.

    I have read some of the user reviews and I do agree that it is influential to children, but it was not always interesting. For instance, some of the characters were so predictable. Kermit was the leader of the group. Piggy was the crazy one. Weirdo was, of course, weird. I did not enjoy listening to Monster because he was obnoxious. The Nanny was influential to the muppets and her voice reminded me of one of my babysitters. Anyway, the muppet babies basically hung around in a playroom and pretended to have adventures. At times, they got into trouble with the nanny and that made it interesting. The theme song got stuck in my head and it was so annoying. Probably not all of the kids who watched it enjoyed it. I sure didn't too much.
  • If you want your child to be creative, let them watch Muppet Babies.

    This is the show I hold responsible for my imagination. The adventures of the "Muppet Babies" encouraged the viewer to come along with them, imagining and inspiring the viewer for a half hour. Every episode was great, every episode was original, and every episode was flat out hilarious.

    Yes, hilarious.

    When viewing it today, more than nostalgia is conjured up in me. This show is actually funny, intelligent, and enjoyable 21 years after its debut. It's random at times (like uber-popular "Family Guy") and the wit doesn't stop (like "Arrested Development"). This is a show that does not talk down to kids. It's on their level and, if anything, encourages them to think.

    When people talk about how TV rots the mind and whatnot, they obviously did'nt watch "Muppet Babies" as a kid. I learned so much about history, the human body, science, outer space, and much more from this show all while being crazy entertained.

    Best cartoon ever. Deserving of all its Emmys. Where's the DVD box set?
  • I loved it when I was little aand still have ,dare I say it, one of the video's ,snow white.

    Great show! I am 12 and I still watch the tap when I baby sit for neighbors! Ha call me crazy!!! I would get up to watch it in the morningjust to watch it and If it came on I'd watch it again. I love the muppet's! My fav movie= Muppet treasure Island!
  • The Muppet Babies Rule!

    I grew up in the 80's and this was my absolute favorite cartoon! I loved to watch the muppet babies. It was like "the rugrats" of the 80's! It is loaded with creativity within its plots, since they are in a nursery room. I always watched every episode to see if someday they would show the nanny's face. As a child I created a mental picture of her and I wanted to see if it was accurate! We would only see her shoes, long stockings, and sometimes her arms. The muppet baby characters are amazing and funny! My all time favorite muppet baby is Miss Piggy. I wish I owned all the episodes on DVD!
  • This show was about the muppets when they were babies. They had the nanny, and u never saw her face? Gonzo, Miss. Piggy, Kermit...all of them were there.

    This show was definiately one of my absolute favorites. I remember staying home from school and watching it on Nick Jr. I watched it until Nick Jr. stopped showing it. I was crushed. I mean if you ask most teens what they watched as kids Muppet Babies would be one of those shows. It was just adorable and I think it would be so great if they showed some episodes just for the heck of it.
  • The Muppets as babies was great to see. The muppet babies was one of my favorite shows while I was growning up. I wish they would show it again.

    I started watching the muppet babies when I was 7 years old. That show was always an adventure for me. I would always get in the rocking chair or bed and watch the show. I really enjoyed seeing all of the adventures they went on. And the adventures they went on was through imagination. That's why I loved this show and it was a really great show for the kids back then, and the kids now.
  • The best show throught my childhood.

    I was a kid who stayed up late at night watching nick at night all the shows our parents watched when they were kids, the Muppet Babies were one of the only shows I loved watching during normal hours. I really hope they release it on DVD so I can sit around and watch it again. I'm not sure how long it was on, when i started watching it, or even when it ended, I just liked it. It made me comfortable, and my roomate and I still argue wether nanny's hair was blonde or brown, any ideas?? Please relase it on dvd' whoever!!
  • Muppet Babies is what defined children of the 80's and why we loved it!

    "Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true
    Muppet Babies, we'll do the same for you
    When your world looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren't there
    Just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere." Boy, did Muppet Babies make our dreams come true! For most children of the 80's we would get up early in the mornings before mom and dad and have our favorite bowls of high sugar cereals while watching saturday morning cartoons. What exactly defined Saturday mornings for us? Well, for many it would have to be Muppet Babies. Although they were only babies they had many adventures in the nursery that recquired their imagination. Muppet Babies is one of those charming shows that you will always remember from the opening theme sequence to the ending credits. Personally, Muppet Babies has to be my favorite 80's cartoon show. I am not sure if it was the child friendly animation or the great story plots that attracted me to these characters, but what I do know is that I loved it. Vivetly, I remember begging my mother to put in my Muppet Babies VHS containg a Star Wars spoof episode. The Muppet Babies was a part of 80's pop culture and released merchendise from plush dolls to T-Shirts to bath toys. It has been over 21 years since this beloved show filled our hearts with its loving warmth, but it still has an impact on today's generation. Although Muppet Babies has not been seen in eight years since it was replaced in the Nickelodeon children's line up, Nick Jr in the fall of '98 it still holds strong. Let's hope we see it on DVD someday! I know it would be the first DVD on my wish list.:)