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CBS (ended 1990)





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  • I'm sick with the way Muppet Babies has been treated ever since Nick Jr. took it off the air

    Muppet Babies is the greatest cartoon EVER. I was so upset when Nick Jr. took it off the air. I heard they gave it to Noggin and Noggin took it off as well. It is perfect for Noggin. It is a lot more appropiate than some cartoons these days. Like Spongebob Squarepants. Don't get me wrong, I don't see anything wrong with Spongebob but other People do when they call him gay and whatnot. What I hate about it is that it is not on TV anymore or on DVD. it was probably the Biggest Hit in 80's cartoons. In 2002, Cartoon Network gave us Baby Looney Tunes, which is a good cartoon but it's kind of a cheap take off of Muppet Babies. Disney bought the Jim Henson company and still has done very little with this cartoon. they put out 4 Dolls : 1. Piggy 2. Kermit 3. Gonzo and 4. Fozzie and each doll contained a dvd filled with one episode based on the character of the doll. It Upstes me that Disney won't release the seires on dvd. IT would be a big hit on DVD. The cartoon only totalled 107 episodes. I want to see a dvd box set of the entire series or at least start off with Season box sets. It is so well needed.