Muppet Babies

Season 2 Episode 11

The Muppet Museum of Art

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 23, 1985 on CBS
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The Muppet Museum of Art
The Muppet Babies are about to go to the art museum when Skeeter gets hurt by one of Miss Piggy's pink skates. Before anyone could notice the skate, Miss Piggy replaces her skate with Gonzo's at the scene of the accident so he could take the blame. Since they can't go to the art museum now, the Muppets decide to bring the art museum to the nursery by creating their own works of art.moreless

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  • Get Your Picasso On!

    The Muppet Babies are playing hockey with roller skates and using anything they can for sticks and pucks. Good game. Time to clean up because Nanny promised to take them to the art museum today.

    Skeeter is running to get Nanny when she trips on Piggy's roller skate and sprains her ankle. Nanny enters and cancels the trip while Piggy hides the evidence, framing Gonzo for the accident and letting everyone think he's to blame. Nanny takes Skeeter into another room to convalesce in front of the TV.

    Left alone in the nursery, Kermit proposes they make their own art museum for Nanny. After sneaking the art book from the other room, the kids get to work.

    Piggy wants to be the next Jane Avril but no one can paint like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Gonzo produces a satisfactory painting but Piggy is horrified to see a pink roller skate in the corner. Gonzo has no idea how it got there.

    Kermit wants to paint a wild west scene and has a fantasy where he plays Butch Cassidy with Gonzo as the Sundance Weirdo. They have a showdown. Draw! It's the paint out at the OK corral. Kermit wins but once again, Gonzo has produced another drawing of Piggy with a roller skate which Piggy quickly hides before anyone makes the connection.

    Rowlf leads them in today's down-tempo, easily forgettable, pop number, "Art is for Your Heart" Luckily it's short.

    Everyone experiments with sculpture in clay. Gonzo creates another fair likeness of Piggy, posing on a giant roller skate. Piggy crams the sculpture into an empty bookcase shelf.

    Scooter discovers the avant-guard movement and there's a clever parody of cubism-drawn Muppet babies referring to each other as Pablo Picasso. Animal shows the kids how to paint in Abstract Expressionism and the Minimalists. Interesting.

    Time to bring Nanny and Skeeter into the nursery for the grand opening of the Muppet Museum of Art. Nanny is delighted by their creativity but Gonzo's saved the best for last. He unveils a lovely portrait of Piggy who finally breaks down and confesses it was her fault Skeeter got hurt. She's sorry. Everyone forgives her and when Gonzo asks for a kiss, Piggy hesitates but complies. Gonzo will never wash his nose again!

    The end credits for this episode on YouTube are cut short and not on my VHS tape so I have no "Go bye, bye!" end tag. Sorry. But I'll wager it's the same one from Season One, episode 5 "Scooter's Hidden Talent" where the kids gaze reverently at a Mona Lisa painting when Animal pops out.

    This is the second time Gonzo says "If you think that's hot, check this out" and the first time his crush on Piggy is finally reciprocated.moreless

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