Muppet Babies

Season 2 Episode 13

When You Wish Upon a Muppet

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 07, 1985 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When You Wish Upon a Muppet
The Muppet Babies play a wishing game where they each imagine their greatest wishes coming true.

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    Muppet Babies Season Two finale hits a home run with another all-around entertaining, laugh-out-loud episode; just as much fun to watch today (as an adult) as first time viewing in 1985 when I was eleven. Animal dresses up as a genie and grants everyone one wish with hilarious results. Kermit's wish is touchingly poignant.

    The kids are playing Carnival in the nursery with Kermit and Piggy as the customers and everyone else running the game booths. The kids give Animal a chance to bring out his fishing game which turns up an old Arabian lamp and the kids decide to take turns making wishes, fantasizing how they come true. Animal wears a turban and claps everything from erasers to cymbals to pillows as he grants their wishes.

    Piggy goes first and wishes for a big, beautiful, ocean liner which accidentally sails into Midtown, New York City. Piggy learns parking her boat next to St. Patrick's Cathedral gets you towed.

    Nanny pops in, but the Muppet Babies got this. She leaves and it ends up being her only appearance.

    Fozzie is next, he wishes to be a comedian in the movies. This backfires as usual but Kermit leads the gang in rescuing him from the Buster Keaton, silent film, police chase.

    Kermit is indecisive about what to wish for and passes each time his friends insist he take a turn. They sing "Wishes Have a Way" to help him decide.

    Skeeter wishes for a triple-crown winning pony, motorized of course, with aluminum alloy body, steering wheel, manual transmission and roller skates for wheels. She wins the race, the Muppet Babies riding single file behind her with Animal and Gonzo squeezed onto the tail.

    Since Kermit doesn't want to waste a wish on living happily ever after with Piggy, Gonzo grabs the lamp and wishes for "A big kiss from Piggy!" To his horror, a ginormous Piggy stomps up to literally grant his wish which Gonzo is already regretting.

    Now Kermit is ready. He wishes that when they grow up, they'll not only stay together but make movies and TV shows. Animal pops the balloon he's riding as a Hoppity-Hop Ball and we cut to scenes from The Great Muppet Caper (my favorite Muppet movie of all time). I agree that Kermit's wish has a pretty good chance of coming true.

    "Go bye, bye!" End Tag: Gonzo finds a four leaf clover on top of a grassy hill which is attached to Animal's leprechaun hat. "Go bye bye!" As Gonzo tumbles out of the scene, Animal turns to the camera, "Lucky!" and laughs his famous laugh as we fade out.

    This will be used again in S3E14 "Bad Luck Bear"

    See you next season!


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