Muppets Tonight

Season 1 Episode 3

Billy Crystal

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 1996 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Bobo: (To Sal) Hold it up there, Jay Fred Muggs. Where do you think you're going?
      Sal: This is Johhny Fiama. He's booked on tonight's show. So GET OUTTA THE WAY, Smoky the BUTT-HEAD.
      Bobo: That's one. Lemme check my list here. Let's see, we have Johnny Depp, Jonnhy Ola. Larry King....whoa. So he was on the list.
      Sal: Hey come on, come on. Ya got Johnny Fiama waiting over here. He is a very important performer. So hurry up, Yogi the...the BUTT-HEAD.
      Bobo: That's two.
      Sal: Listen to me, bear. You let Johnny Fiama in...OR I'M GONNA MAKE A THROW RUG OUTTA YA AND PUT YOU IN JOHNNY'S BATHROOM. YOU, YOU, YOU GRIZZLY...
      Bobo: Butt-head?
      Sal: YEAH.
      Bobo: And that's three. (puts his list on the counter, grabs Sal by his neck and drags him to the back) Come 'ere, you little miserable monkey.
      (All this time Johnny Fiama was reading the schedule)
      Johnny: Hey, Sal. I just checked the schedule. I'm not even on the show tonight, huh?. Heh, ain't that a laugh?
      Sal: (Bobo is slamming him repeatedly on the counter) HUH? Yeah yeah yeah, that's funny, Johnny.
      Johnny: 'Ey come on, Sal. Don't fooling around with your new buddy. Let's get outta here, huh?
      Sal: Johnny Fiama is leaving the...(Bobo throws him out into the street with one hand) BUILDING.
      (A car's tires can be heard skidding on the road)
      Johnny: Hey, Sal. That is one naughty way to stop a cab. (laughs)

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