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  • Season 1
    • Michelle Pfeiffer
      The Muppets get a new show on the KMUP network. They even have a new host, Clifford (solely because everyone else was smart enough to run off). In need of a big star for the quickly approaching first episode, Clifford accidentally books both Michelle Pfeiffer and Miss Piggy. Even worse, he doesn't tell either actress of his mistake – leading to trouble on and off stage. Sketches: "Bay of Pigswatch", "Muppet Match-Up", "Great Moments in Elvis History", "Sound of Music"moreless
    • Garth Brooks
      Garth Brooks
      Episode 2
      Garth Brooks is a world famous country music singer, but he feels that he has more to offer. He has vowed to Clifford that he won't sing any country music songs for tonight's episode. Instead, he intends to show off his supposed knack for Broadway songs and Shakespeare. Naturally, Clifford and the rest of the Muppets fear disaster. Sketches: "Romeo and Juliet", "Tales from the Vet", "It's Not Unusual", "Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine: The Next Generation of Pigs in Space", "If I Were a Rich Man", "We Shall Be Free"moreless
    • Billy Crystal
      Billy Crystal
      Episode 3
      Billy Crystal may be able to juggle sketch after sketch, but there are also supposed to be other guests on hand to help out. Problem is, the new security guard – Bobo the Bear – refuses to allow any of them to enter. Larry King and a jazz band are blocked from the stage. Can this mess be sorted out before the show is over? Sketches: "When Harry Met Sally Screen Test", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "The Eagle's Nest", "City Schtickers"moreless
    • John Goodman
      John Goodman
      Episode 4
      John Goodman hopes for a relaxing, memorable show. Well, he winds up getting the latter after saving Andy and Randy, but not in the good way. Now, Miss Piggy's annoying nephews live to serve and won't leave him alone under any circumstances. Needless to say, John finds little help for his situation. Sketches: "Tales from the Vet", "The Rat's Patrol", "Gonzo and Rizzo's Incredible Discoveries", "The Lunarmooners", "Close To You", "Feelin' All Right"moreless
    • Cindy Crawford
      Cindy Crawford
      Episode 5
      Cindy Crawford arrives for tonight's episode and virtually every guy is taken with her. None more so than Bobo, however, who is head-over-heels in love. Expressing those feelings, though, isn't exactly easy for the big bear. He leaves station security to Cupid, whose arrows make things hectic for Johnny and Sal. Sketches: "The Kermit the Frog Club", "I'm a Believer", "We Hardly Heard Ya", "Bay of Pigswatch", "The Eagle's Nest", "Ah Yes, I Remember it Well"moreless
    • Tony Bennett
      Tony Bennett
      Episode 6
      Tony Bennett has a legion of fans, but perhaps none bigger than Johnny. He is absolutely ecstatic that Tony is booked for tonight's show. Unfortunately, being in his presence makes Johnny too nervous to perform. Can he shake this before the show is over? Sketches: "Firefly", "NYPD Green", "Misguided Missiles of Death", "The Johnny Fiama Show", "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off", "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "Great Moments in Elvis History", "Shaking the Blues Away"moreless
    • Sandra Bullock
      Sandra Bullock
      Episode 7
      In television, there is always pressure to keep the ratings up. However, with tonight's episode, there is more pressure than ever. If the ratings drop below fifty, a mad bomber will destroy the studio and everyone in it. While putting on the show, can the Muppets and Sandra Bullock unravel the mystery of the bomber and save the day? Sketches: "While You Were Slapping", "The Psychiatrist's Office", "Wall Street Wonderings with Earnest Pleth", "Seinfeld Babies", "Mack the Knife"moreless
    • Jason Alexander
      Jason Alexander
      Episode 8
      Jason Alexander's appearance on the show reunites him with old college chum, Gonzo. The two decide this is the perfect opportunity to bring Bats – a musical they wrote – back to life. However, the two stars have vastly different ideas about what to do in it. Can they work out their differences or will Bats never see the light of day again? Sketches: "Murder on the Disoriented Express", "Pigs In Space: Deep Dish 9: The Next Generation of Pigs In Space", "Muppet Bandstand", "Thor: God of Thunder", "Bats"moreless
    • Whoopi Goldberg
      Whoopi Goldberg
      Episode 9
      Whoopi Goldberg guest stars, but Miss Piggy has agreed to help out in the final number. Unfortunately, one problem after another emerges for her. She ends up running very late. Will she make it in time, or will Clifford have to figure something else out? Sketches: "The Case of the Pointless Pigtails", "No Woman No Cry", "Once in a Lifetime", "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"moreless
    • Martin Short
      Martin Short
      Episode 10
      Martin Short is looking forward to his time on the show. However, he makes the mistake of getting into an elevator with Pepe and Seymour. He is obviously worse for wear afterwards – aka crushed – and some special spaghetti sauce only makes things worse. Can this be sorted out before the show is over? Sketches: "EIEIO-R", "Ed Grimley", "(What the World Needs Now is) Love Sweet Love", "Flippers", "The Eagle's Nest", "Stepping Out with my Baby"moreless
  • Season 2