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ABC (ended 1998)


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  • One of the best all-ages show ever. Another sad example of how executives have no connection whatsoever with the audience. (See Family Guy for a more recent example)

    Overall, funnier than the original Muppet Show, at least not as uneven. Every episode is pretty much rock-solid. Wonderful and all age-friendly guest stars. The character of Bobo the Bear is one of the all-time wonders of comedy, getting by far the most laughs in our extended family. I agree that the lines written for adults are hilarious (David Letterman as a goat?), but always seems to work with kids as well, even if it\'s over their heads sometimes. The new Pigs in Space segment (Remember Pig hospital?) was great, and the only thing that made it to dvd in the format of a movie, Muppets in Space. Unfortunately that movie was nothing like the show segment, and bombed with every right. Thoroughly unfunny.
    It\'s also great to see Martin Short as Ed Grimley again, I must say (Thank god SCTV is now available on dvd).

    That this is not available on DVD is not only stupid, but bad business. I\'m convinced it would sell as hotcakes.
    Let\'s hope it takes the route of Family Guy, selling enough dvd\'s to make it return on-air.
    And I sincerely hope that the executive who cancelled this is fired for gross incompetence. I can\'t think of a show more undeserving of such a fate since Star Trek went out in \'69.