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ABC (ended 1998)


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  • The Muppets revamped for the 1990s.

    This show is basically a more modern version of the original Muppet Show with the same basic premise: a celebrity guest host comes on the show, there are skits with and without the guest, guest interacts behind the scenes, lots of jokes and wackiness, etc, etc. A few changes to bring it into a more modern era exist. Most notably is Clifford the cool baboon as the main host on a late-night style talk show/variety show, while Kermit is a bit more behind the scenes (although he is still a main character). Some of the classic sketches are revamped, such as Pigs in Space, the Next Generation. Some new characters are introduced, with Pepe the Prawn likely being the most famous. I remember reading a movie review on Muppets From Space where the critic said: "Even when they are bad, Muppets are good", and I have to admit that this is accurate. My only beef with this show is that it seems to lack much of the magic that was in the original Muppet Show. Do not get me wrong, this is still very entertaining. I have just felt that since the passing of Jim Henson, the Muppets are not quite the same. It is completely logical for this to be the case, because I canot think of many examples where once the primary creative force behind the franchise is gone is the franchise the same. If you are expecting exactly the same thing as the Muppet Show, Mupets Tonight will disappoint. If you are looking for a Muppets fix, this is the show to watch.