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  • I can't believe it's gone! Neither can i believe it's not on dvd.. yet! Muppets & not Muppets Tonight!! come on Disney, get with the program. Muppets have always had a loyal following. This was the only show that entertained all ages with clean family hu

    I grew up on Muppets & Sesame Street. When the muppets came on 'back-n-the-day' we never missed an episode. We'd go to school talking about all the characters & skits.. IN HIGH SCHOOL, when we were supposed to be too old & cool to be into that kind of stuff. Nothings changed! When a muppet movie comes out, the whole family can't wait to see it [myself 37, my wife 42, my son 15 & my daughter 14]. we're all supposed to be too old to be entertained by this stuff, but we just crack up all the way through those movies. I think it's the writting directed at the adults that's the funniest. I don't understand why Muppets Tonight was cancelled, even more.. i don't understand why it's not out on dvd. I guess knuckleheaded ad-exec's take a little longer to catch up to the rest of us.. look how long it took for them to release the Muppets Show on dvd.. 20-years!
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