Muppets Tonight

Season 1 Episode 7

Sandra Bullock

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 23, 1996 on ABC
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Sandra Bullock
In television, there is always pressure to keep the ratings up. However, with tonight's episode, there is more pressure than ever. If the ratings drop below fifty, a mad bomber will destroy the studio and everyone in it. While putting on the show, can the Muppets and Sandra Bullock unravel the mystery of the bomber and save the day? Sketches: "While You Were Slapping", "The Psychiatrist's Office", "Wall Street Wonderings with Earnest Pleth", "Seinfeld Babies", "Mack the Knife"moreless

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    Brian Henson

    Brian Henson

    Seymore / Sal Manilla / Dr. Phil Van Neuter / Nigel

    Frank Oz

    Frank Oz

    Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Sam the Eagle / Animal

    Dave Goelz

    Dave Goelz

    Gonzo / Dr. Bunsen Honeydew / Waldorf / Beauregard / Randy Pig

    Jerry Nelson

    Jerry Nelson

    Lew Zealand / Statler / Announcer

    Steve Whitmire

    Steve Whitmire

    Kermit the Frog / Rizzo the Rat / Beaker / Andy Pig

    Kevin Clash

    Kevin Clash


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      • Clifford: Pick up the phone and say "hello".
        (Andy and Randy pick up their phones, the whole phones)
        Andy: Hello!
        Clifford: No. Not the whole phone! Pick up the receiver. Th-The little thing with the curly wire.
        Andy and Randy: This job's too hard!
        (they slam their phones back down)
        Clifford: No, the part on top!
        Andy: Oh.
        (Randy pick up the receivers)
        Andy and Randy: Hello!
        Clifford: No! Don't-- Put it down! Put it down. Wait until it rings.
        (Andy and Randy put down the receivers)
        (the phones ring)
        Clifford: Now, pick it up.
        (Andy and Randy pick up the receivers again)
        Clifford: AND SAY "HELLO INTO THE PHONE"!!
        Andy and Randy: Oh. Hello into the phone!
        Andy: What? The winner of what?! $14,000,000??!!!
        (Clifford is surprised)
        Andy: Well, no, thank you. We cannot count that high.
        (he and Randy hang up)
        Clifford: Man, you pigs are stupid! I can't believe you just turned down $14,000,000!
        Andy: Oh, we didn't. It was for you.
        (Clifford frowns as Andy and Randy leave, "yo-yo-yo"-ing)

      • Clifford: Okay everybody. The mad bomber is right behind this door. I don't want anybody doing any dangerous, macho, save the day heroics.
        Spamela: But I love dangerous, macho, save the day heroics.
        (Clifford stares at the camera)
        Clifford: LOOK OUT, EVERYBODY. I'm breaking down the door.

      • (The ratings of the show is a few strokes away from passing 50)
        Clifford: Aw man, this is bad-bad. The ratings are starting to dip-dip.
        Sandra: Don't worry, Clifford. I'll try to get us some more acts-acts.
        (Sandra Bullock runs out of the room)
        Clifford: Is she making fun of me...(look towards the camera)

      • (Gonzo sees Sid Kinishes and his Mosh Potatoes on the screen in surprise)
        Gonzo: Oh, no! Something's happened to my taters!
        Clifford: Aw, man! They're mashed!

      • Mad Bomber: All right, man, listen and listen good. There's a bomb in your studio.
        Bobo: Oh, I know. I read this week's script too.

      • Statler: You know, this show really improves with age.
        Waldorf: Why? Because the jokes get better?
        Statler: No. Because my hearing gets worse!

    • NOTES (2)

      • Clifford's intro: Before we get started, I'd like to get something off my chest.
        (he opens his jacket and a butterfly flies out from under it; as it flies away, Mr. Poodlepants nets it)
        Mr. Poodelpants: Ooh, a yellow-bellied flutterbaby. What a delightful addition to my collection.
        (then Doglion, the large, full-sized monster who looks like one of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, nets Mr. Poodlepants)
        Doglion: Ooh, a cauliflower-topped chucklehead. What a delightful addition to my collection.
        (Doglion drags Mr. Poodlepants and the butterfly offstage)

      • The air date for this episode was pushed back due to the Oklahoma City bombing.

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