Muppets Tonight

Season 2 Episode 10

The Gary Cahuenga Episode

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 27, 1997 on ABC



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    • Clifford: (about the fluke "Smashing Pumpkins" act Gonzo arranged) Gonzo, you and these cheap musical acts are really working my last nerve.
      Gonzo: Alright, alright, forget the music. How about another act like Pen and Teller?
      Clifford: Don't tell me, let me guess. You got a ballpoint pen and a guy that works in a bank.
      Gonzo: Well, that would have been great, but all I got is a guy named Pen and a guy named Teller.
      (Clifford looks at the TV monitor and sees Pen and Teller on stage)
      Clifford: Whoa! - Pen and Teller really are here. I didn't even see them standing there.
      Gonzo: You didn't see the piano drop either. You really got to start reading the scripts here. (hands Clifford a script)
      Clifford: (reading the script) "Gonzo hands Clifford the script and Clifford begins to read while Pen and Teller do their act."

    • (a scene where Statler and Waldorf are on a ski lift while watching the show)
      Statler: Boy, I'm sure glad we're up here.
      Waldorf: Why is that?
      Statler: Because after seeing that I really need a lift.
      (they laugh)
      Waldorf: We're gonna go out on that joke?
      Statler: No, we're going out on this one.
      (Statler pushes Waldorf out of the ski lift)
      Statler: That looks like fun!
      (Statler jumps from the lift)

    • (A piano just fell on top of Clifford)
      Clifford: (in pain Nobody told me they was gonna dwop a piano.
      Kermit: Uh, Clifford. Excuse me, but it was in the script. (laughs and stares at the audience)
      Clifford: Nobody told they was a scwipt. (collapses)

  • Notes

    • Gonzo still shows he can be weird and has a love for the weird and freakish by booking the "Lollopa-Losers"; The Monks(a group of sining monks), The Smashing Pumpkins(Carl and three singing pumpkins), and finally letting himself be pounded into the ground by Ice and Zap (two famous wrestlers) to the tune of the "Can-Can".

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