Murder Call

The Nine Network (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Done to Death
      Done to Death
      Episode 20
      The cleaner at an up-market beauty parlour makes a gruesome find... the proprietor has been strung up in a tanning booth and roasted like a pig on a spit. Tessa and Steve's investigation uncovers a wealth of secrets and resentments harboured from birth.
    • House of Spirits
      House of Spirits
      Episode 19
      When a psychic conducting a séance is shot dead by the ghost who he was trying to contact, Tessa and Steve are called in to investigate.
    • Absent Friends
      Absent Friends
      Episode 18
      Tessa attends her school reunion, but it is interrupted when she is called in to investigate a murder on the school grounds. The victim turns out to be one of Tessa's friends, who was stabbed in a re-enactment of a muck up day prank. Is Tessa a suspect or will she become the next target?moreless
    • Still Life
      Still Life
      Episode 17
      At the opening night of his exhibition, artist Vincent Osborne's head is discovered inside his own death mask.
    • Scent of Evil
      Scent of Evil
      Episode 16
      A woman is savagely killed by a number of dogs on the grounds of a vacant house. Steve and Tessa investigate, and must find out if the woman's death was a horrible accident or if the dogs were trained to kill.
    • Last Act
      Last Act
      Episode 15
      A homeless busker suffers from hallucinations whilst performing a mime near a train station. When he collapses and dies, the autopsy compiled together by Tootsie indicates that the man was poisoned.
    • Paid in Full
      Paid in Full
      Episode 14
      A man's body is found floating in a spa, a large roll of cash stuffed into his mouth. In their investigations, Steve and Tessa discover that almost everyone who knew him had a reason to kill him.
    • Grave Matters
      Grave Matters
      Episode 13
      As a crypt is opened for an interment, the funeral goers are shocked to discover the sarcophagus is already occupied by the corpse of a young woman holding a rare orchid in her hand.
    • A Stab in the Dark
      A Stab in the Dark
      Episode 12
      When horror novelist Sebastian Tombs is found lying dead with a knife in his back, Tessa and Steve must investigate the four people closest to him, each of whom has a strong motive for committing the murder.
    • Cut and Dried
      Cut and Dried
      Episode 11
      A man's head is found mounted in a taxidermist's shop, and as a result, Tessa and Steve's investigation are caught in the crossfire between the local gun club and an anti-gun lobby.
    • Booming Business
      Booming Business
      Episode 10
      Tessa and Steve uncover a web of intrigue surrounding businessman Brian Hart's horrific death when he is killed as he commutes to work by train when a letter bomb concealed in a card explodes. Tessa and Steve are confronted by a bewildering array of suspects and motives to finally apprehend the person they believe to be the killer, only to realise at the last moment that they only have it half right.moreless
    • Hide and Seek
      Hide and Seek
      Episode 9
      Following the suspicious death of an elderly worker, Tessa and Steve must race against time to avert another tragedy growing from the ruins of the first.
    • Bad Business
      Bad Business
      Episode 8
      Tessa and Steve investigate what appears to be a routine case, but soon uncover a dangerous web of blackmail and righteous fanaticism.
    • A Blow to the Heart
      Tessa and Steve are called in to investigate a series of murders revolving around a prominent bio-chemistry lab.
    • Death Down Market
      When a woman is found murdered in a neighbourhood that is terrorised by a local gang, Steve and Tessa are called in to investigate.
    • Death in the Family
      A vagrant is found dead at an inner city underpass surrounded by the corpses of poisoned sparrows. When Tootsie diagnoses death by strychnine, Tessa, Steve and Thorne fear that someone is out there trying to purge the streets of the homeless. But the investigation takes a twist after Fisk finds $10,000 hidden in the vagrant's mattress.moreless
    • Dying Day
      Dying Day
      Episode 4
      Steve and Tessa investigate when a young woman is found hanging from a tree limb in a popular city park, and Tootsie's preliminary findings indicate it was not suicide.
    • Tongue Tied
      Tongue Tied
      Episode 3
      A mutilited body is found near a church, with identical markings to the victims of a serial killer 15 years ago- Thorne's first case. Experiencing a sense of deja-vu, Thorne heads the investigation. Has the killer returned, or is this a copycat crime?
    • Evil Chances
      Evil Chances
      Episode 2
      A sports teacher is found impaled at a boarding school and is found by Fisk's older sister. Tessa and Steve investigate, but Fisk is frustrated when his sister is interviewed, and he is excluded.
    • Dead Offerings
      Dead Offerings
      Episode 1
      Tessa and Steve investigate when a young blind man is found dead in a swimming pool. It is soon feared that the killer is copying murders that Tootsie has used as examples for her lectures.
  • Season 2
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