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The Nine Network (ended 2000)


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  • Good acting, decent script, but became predictable

    I'm a fan of Australian tv series because the acting is always very good without being over the top like US and UK actors, and the stories are generally not the usual politically correct and predictable plots airing from those two countries. Murder Call was a decent show with good casts and guest stars, but although the episodes are entertaining, they tend to use a good deal of coincidences and after a while it becomes somewhat predictable in that whoever is the suspect Det. Steve Hayden declare as the murderer is ALWAYS the wrong one. It got to the point that I would just wait for him to name who he suspects and I would know that person is innocent so guessing who the real culprit is became easier and in a few episodes simple. This is probably why the show did not last more than 3 seasons - the 3rd season actually did not air until a year after season 2 ended. Too bad really because this show had very good chemistry between the various regulars. The characters due to the good acting comes off as believable people I want to cheer and know more about. Oh well, 3 season is better than none I suppose.
  • A show that wasn't given much of a chance.

    Maybe I'm one of the only ones, but I found the Australian cop show Murder Call an intriguing one to watch. Although Murder Call had a small cast, it often had great scripts and captivating "who done its". The show, which stared Peter Mochrie as Detective Steve Hayden and Lucy Bell as Tessa Vance, ran for three seasons – from 1997 to 1999 (although some of its last episodes were shown in 2000).

    Homicide detectives, Steve and Tessa solved crimes which were all out of the ordinary. Their strategies in solving these crimes were on a contrary, as Steve was a by-the-book cop, whilst Tessa had an unusual method, using her intuition to solve the crimes (which got her results). Like many shows on TV, the chemistry between the two main characters in Steve and Tessa was great to watch. And also like many other TV shows, the pair never got together in a romantic sort of way. Although, in the very first episode, "Ashes to Ashes", it was made obvious that the pair cared about each other, when they were locked in a cool room together. Thinking that they were going to die, Steve and Tessa huddled together in an attempt to stay warm. Of course, in the end, they were fine. And their nosy colleague, Constable Dee Suzeraine (played by Jennifer Kent) wanted to know all about their 'experience'. "Come on, Steve. We're talking last moments on the planet here. How'd the two of you keep warm?"

    It was sad to see an interesting show get axed, and while it didn't have many fans, Murder Call continues to be a favourite of mine.
  • Another Australian Show that didn't last long.

    Well here is another show that didn't last to long on Australian television.
    I was something different but there were a lot of Aussie cop shows on TV at the time.
    The characters were cool but the storylines are what kept you watching.
    I thought this show was a bit more dark and not scared to be a bit full on and grouse, not to say that it was really bad (it was quite boring to things on TV today) but compared to other cop shows on at the time it went that extra bit further.