Murder in Mind

BBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Cornershop
      Episode 8
      Decent, hardworking and respectable, Sanjay Patel is a corner shop owner facing financial ruin when regularly forced to pay protection money to two local bullies. When one of the thugs, Ronnie Brown, turns up at the shop, brandishing a knife and demands 'his cash', Sanjay's actions leads to disastrous consequences. With the thug missing, the investigating officer immediately suspects the corner shop owner. But with very little evidence and no body, will Sanjay be declared innocent?moreless
    • Justice
      Episode 7
      Tom is in a state of despair. He still loves wife Helen and daughter Holly, but he's responsible for his marriage breaking down. Tom spent too much time trying to salvage his business and paid little attention to his home life. Tom desperately wants Helen back, but a reconciliation is looking highly unlikely when Helen becomes involved with Alex a police officer. One day when Tom picks Holly up from school there's an altercation between him and a local teen thug named Darren. Tom takes offence when Darren jumps the ice cream queue; and using physical force, he ejects the abusive teenager from the line.moreless
    • Landlord
      Episode 6
      Mean and unpleasant landlord, Alan Willis, leases a room to a young student and the next day discovers her dead from carbon monoxide poisoning from his faulty boiler so he decides to move her body and make it seem like she committed suicide with the exhaust fumes from her car. But the situation spirals out of control as the bad luck piles up for Alan.moreless
    • Contract
      Episode 5
      Three city dealers' scheme to siphon off money from their company's accounts is suspected by Simon's boss so he and his friends hire ageing hitman Terry Cameron to do away with him. Cameron requires payment only on completion of the job, but when the boss publicly dies of a heart attack the dealers decide there is no need to pay the hitman. Cameron then starts killing the dealers one-by-one as a penalty for non-payment.moreless
    • Suicide
      Episode 4
      25 years after her son commited a suicide as a result of school bullying, Jill Craig decides to take revenge on the bully that made her son kill himself, Scott Martin. She employs the former bully's services for odd-jobs and pretends to befriend him over a period of many months while all the time setting him up for a murder. She shows him her jewellery in order to have his fingerprints on it then plants some of it in his shed, she even secretly changes her will in his favour to give him a motive. She then kills herself in such a way as to make it seem as though Scott Martin had murdered her and tried to make it look like suicide so he could inherit her money. And with her carefully engineered forensic evidence stacked against him he receives a life sentence for her "murder".moreless
    • Stalkers
      Episode 3
      A children book female author is terrorised by an obsessive stalker who won't leave her alone. After she can't stand the person anymore, the writer decides to resort to desperate measures to stop the stalker from terrorising her.
    • Favours
      Episode 2
      Jamie Holt, while running away from the police, hides in a small unknown village. He creates a whole new life there and starts running his own pub. Ten years later, a person from his past arrives and blackmails him into carrying out a murder for him.
    • Echoes
      Episode 1
      When a centuries old male body is accidentally discovered in a garden by a couple of builders, Elizabeth Marton becomes convinced that her house is haunted and she does all she can to find out the truth about the man that was found dead in her garden.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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