Murder in Small Town X

FOX (ended 2001)



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Murder in Small Town X

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One of the residents of Sunrise, Maine has been brutally murdered. The killer has left a videotape of the attack, and has invited ten amateur investigators to come solve the case and to play the killer's game. Murder in Small Town X was a reality show with a uniquely entertaining twist. The contestants were "investigators" who must examine the trail of clues left by the killer and try to solve Nate Flint's murder. Meanwhile, the entire town took part in the mystery, helping or hindering the investigation, while professional actors were brought in to play the roles of certain prominent citizens and suspects. At the conclusion of every episode, the killer left an envelope containing two locations. Two investigators were chosen, and one went to each location. In one location there would be an important clue to the identity of the killer. In the other location, the killer would be waiting...
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  • After a murder in a fictional American town "X", a team of investigators (contestants) eliminate suspects while trying to avoid being "eliminated" themselves.

    I LOVED this show! I still crack up when I remember the annoying Kristen being cut off by one of the suspects, "No! You don't get to interject nothing!" It was so funny watching the investigators get caught by the killer. Some of them seemed to forget that it was all pretend. The first woman eliminated was crying.

    This reality show was unique because it was about more than the competition and contestants' personalities. With all other reality competition shows, the viewer just watches. With Small Town X, the viewer can play along.

    My 12 year old nephew and I watched this together and even took notes to try to solve the murder ourselves. We had a blast watching this show.

    It was so sad that Angel died at the WTC on 9/11.moreless
  • Now that's what I call a reality show!

    In this day in age reality show are a dime a dozen and most of them are crap. But this, brilliant! I was so upset when they didn’t continue it with a new murder and a new group of people.

    Forget Survivor and Big Brother. Down with Fear Factor and Simple Life. This was the best reality show of all time.

    It kept me confused (in a good way) and guessing until the end. It was even a little scary a few times, lol

    The show was well written and you could easily think the people were really being killed.

    If FOX ever desided to bring the show back for a second run, I’d be there to watch.moreless
  • Very Intersting

    This show was one of the few orignal ideals on TV. It was like a huge murder mysetery weekend. There were ton of twists and turns all the way to the end. The crazyist part was that the winner of the show died on 9/11 in the terriost attacks in NY.
  • Why cant all reality T.V. be this original? Why oh why will they not bring this show back?

    A fantastic premise for a reality show: Throw a bunch of contestants into a small town that a serial killer calls home. Then make the contestants investigate the murders and each week kill one of them off. What a great show this was. Unfortunately for fans, the eventual winner Angel, was later killed at World Trade Center Two on 9/11 and I think that in addition to scetchy ratings, led to the demise of this show.

  • Not your regular Reality Show..

    This is one of those shows that were very different then other Reality shows. A murder has happened in a small town they really had a whole town in on this show. It was amazing how the whole thing played off and was to bad that they never made another Season. I agree with the other review if it was brought back for a second season it would do well. It was a kind of show where the People watching could really get in to it to try to figure out who did the killing. Kind like The Mole.moreless