Murder in Small Town X

FOX (ended 2001)




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Murder in Small Town X

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One of the residents of Sunrise, Maine has been brutally murdered. The killer has left a videotape of the attack, and has invited ten amateur investigators to come solve the case and to play the killer's game. Murder in Small Town X was a reality show with a uniquely entertaining twist. The contestants were "investigators" who must examine the trail of clues left by the killer and try to solve Nate Flint's murder. Meanwhile, the entire town took part in the mystery, helping or hindering the investigation, while professional actors were brought in to play the roles of certain prominent citizens and suspects. At the conclusion of every episode, the killer left an envelope containing two locations. Two investigators were chosen, and one went to each location. In one location there would be an important clue to the identity of the killer. In the other location, the killer would be waiting...