Murder One

Season 2 Episode 4

Chapter Four, Year Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jimmy Wyler visits Kyle Rooney in the hospital he works at. Wyler confronted him about the fact that the firm's private investigator had found out Kyle was having an affair with a nurse. Jimmy implies that Sharon is only confessing to the murders because she fells so guilty about cheating on her husband.
Ricky Latrell, a basketball player, visits the firm. The team owner was found murdered and he wants to make sure he's not accused because he found the body. Jimmy says he'll take the case.

The plea bargain resurfaces offering Sharon only four and a half years in jail. Once again, they turn it down.

A ballistics expert testifies in the Rooney case. He says that all eight bullets were fired from the same gun which was owned by Rooney's roommate. In cross examination, Jimmy says the evidence doesn't establish anything.

Later, while Jimmy is visiting Sharon, he sees that she's very upset. Apparently, Kyle had told her about his affair with the nurse.

Caroline VanAllen testifies in the Rooney case. In the cross examination, Jimmy questions her about the money which she put into his account. Caroline says that she gave it to him because she doesn't believe Sharon killed her husband. She believes that Malcolm Deitrech is the real murderer. Jimmy hands Caroline a check for two hundred thousands dollars right in front of the jury.

Caroline later visits Wyler at his office. She says that she feels so free because she told the truth on the stand. Caroline kisses Wyler.

Ricky Latrell has his house searched but Wyler isn't sure if they even had a warrant. He asks his private investigator to look into it.

Jimmy's private investigator says that he followed Michael, Caroline's security guard, to Caroline house but also saw another car. It is implied that Jimmy spent the night at Caroline's house.

A consellor for an organization called Life Choices testifies. She says that Rooney came to the centre and discussed the option of adoption. She also states that Sharon became very angry when the consellor talked about abortion. Justine cross-examines the consellor and finds out that she is pro-life and was showing Sharon graphics pictures of abortion when she became angry.

The prosecution rests. The defense moves to have the case dismissed because of insufficient evidence. The motion is denied.

In the Latrell case, Arnold wants second chair but thinks that Aaron will be chosen instead because of his race.

Caroline comes to see Wyler in his office, distraught because Michael had come after her. She had been driving when she was cut off and Michael had jumped out of his car, yelling and tried to pull her out of her car. Jimmy offers to keep Caroline at a hotel.

The head of a private school for girls testifies that Sharon was a good teacher. Jimmy asks if Sharon was ever violent and the woman says yes. Wyler looks shocked because he had rehearsed with the witness and she hadn't said that. Sharon jumps up in court again and says that the witness is lying. Wyler questions the head of the private school if she was paid to change her testimony. She denies it.

As Jimmy is walking to his car, he is surprised by Michael. Michael tries to injure Wyler but Jimmy was too quick. He punched Michael and left him on the floor as he drove off.

Jimmy's mother comes to the office and see Malcolm Dietriech. She storms off after yelling at him.

Malcolm shows Jimmy photos that he has acquired of him and Caroline together. He says that he'll give them to a tabloid. Then, Jimmy stands up and turns on a television which shows that he has been taping his whole visit with Malcolm. Jimmy says he'll keep the tape if Malcolm keeps the photos.
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