Murder One

Season 1 Episode 14

Chapter Fourteen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sabrina, an escort girl who worked for Freddy Carello, brings Hoffman a new copy of the tape showing Beverly Nichols having sex with her husband in front of Richard Cross.

First the tape of Melissa Griotte being nearly strangled by Neil is shown in court. Hoffman tries to make her look like a money-grabber, reminding her that she wanted to be paid 100,000 for it, something Griotte denies.

Julie Costello worries about her testimony, for she's being coached by Arnold Spivak.

Interviewing Detective Polson on the stand, Hoffman keeps going back to the original arrest of Cross. Why was he released? When Polson mentions the alibi Beverly Nichols gave, Hoffman introduces the tape he got from Sabrina.

Miriam Grasso is unhappy about the sudden introduction of new evidence but gets the chance to see the tape during the lunch break. Beverly Nichols is asked to testify about the alibi she gave for Cross. (She was with Cross at the time of the murder, which he denied because he didn't want to get her in trouble with her jealous husband.) The tape shows, Hoffman alleges, that her husband didn't mind Cross at all. Beverly claims that this was the case when she was still a prostitute. Now her husband can't stand the idea of anyone els touching her.

Julie Costello walks out on Richard Cross when she sees the tape. Arnold Spivak offers her a bed for the night. When he hears about this the next day, Hoffman disapproves of it. Cross even threatens Spivak, but later he asks Justine to convince Julie to return to him.

Amy Scott is a surprise witness for the D.A. She was in a drug support group with Neil and he apparently threatened her. Though Hoffman can weaken her testimony by pointing out that her paranoia could be the result of cocaine addiction, the information leads to the judge allowing the D.A to look into Dr. Lester's notes.

Teddy's wife asks him for a seperation. She says that the trial has been too much.
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