Murder One

Season 1 Episode 9

Chapter Nine

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 31, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ray Velacek bails out Dee Dee Carson, a young woman mentioned in Jessica's diary, after she's arrested for drunk driving. She tells Ray and Ted about the party adventures of Jessica, including one instance when she was brutally handled (and nearly strangled) by record executive Walter London.

Richard Cross visits the offices of Hoffman & Associates to thank Justine Appleton for her work on Julie's DUI problems. He invites her out to lunch. Louis asks Hoffman to help a friend. Stan Fletcher, a literature professor in a catholic college, was arrested for lewd behavior in the library; he was having sex with a young man. The married Fletcher fears for his marriage and his job.

At lunch Richard Cross offers Justine a job. As she was an art major in college, she could go to Amsterdam and bid on a Holbein painting for him.

When Hoffman sees the DA about the Fletcher case, he discovers that the case is more complicated than expected: the young man was only fifteen.

Justine succeeds in getting the DUI charges against Julie Costello dropped and handles the press very deftly afterward, so much so that she gets another job offer. Television personality Dean Crowley asks her to be a regular on his job as a law expert. When she tells Hoffman about it, he reminds her that Richard Cross owns a large amount of stock in the television company.

Hoffman warns Stan Fletcher that he will probably have to register as a sex offender, even if Hoffman can keep him out of jail. Louis urges Stan to come out of the closet.

Ray Velacek meets Walter London to talk about Jessica Costello and gets thrown out violently. London's lawyer contacts Hoffman and tells him his client has changed his life after a heart attack. He's trying to rebuild his life and a scandal could ruin him.

District Attorney Roger Garfield asks to see Hoffman. He's willing to let Fletcher go with a fine and probation. Hoffman realizes that he now owes Garfield a favor, which may be Garfield's motive for the sudden change. Unfortunately, Hoffman can't tell Fletcher the good news: the college professor committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Hoffman finds Walter London waiting for him at his office. London pleads in person, begging Hoffman not to get him involved in the Costello case. Because he knows the London involvement is just a way to create reasonable doubt rather than a real lead, and because of what happened to Fletcher, Hoffman promises Walter London to end his investigation.