Murder One

Season 2 Episode 1

Chapter One, Year Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 1996 on ABC

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  • Meet the new boss...

    Anthony LaPaglia makes his debut in the revamped "Murder One." I remember when I first watched this on ABC it was my first glimpse of LaPaglia, and I was really impressed. At first, I really preferred him to Benzali, but after re-watching Season 1 on DVD, I like them both. They each bring their own strengths to their characters, and it would have been a mistake to bring in a character exactly like Ted to replace him.

    This new case hits the ground running - with fewer episodes to work with in this story arc, the writers get right to it. It's impressive how much is set up in this episode; in a lot of ways, it's a second pilot for the show. We see Jimmy leave the DA's office, take on Sharon Rooney as a client and join the gang at Hoffman & Associates. Plus, we get a final revelation that signals to the viewer that "Murder One" is still on its game.

    DB Woodside has never been a favorite of mine. I didn't care for him on "24," and didn't like him on "Murder One" either. I want to believe his character wasn't added simply to add a token minority to the show, but he bogs the show down. Of course, he doesn't have much to do at first.

    Re-watching this season on DVD has been great - it's just as riveting as it was when it aired, and I don't have to wait a week in between to find out what happens next.