Murder One

Season 2 Episode 7

Chapter Seven, Year Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ricky Latrell's manager, Lee Michaelson, tells Jimmy that their long standing friendship should not get in the way of Jimmy's making him an alternate suspect, if it will help Rickey's case. Jimmy assures him that's not going to happen. When Chris and Aaron propose the same thing later that day, Jimmy has a heated exchange with them about not ruining Michaelson's reputation.

Laura stops by Jimmy's office to tell him that she's accepting a job offer in San Francisco because she realizes that their relationship is over.

Miriam and Jimmy give their closing statements and the jury retires to deliberate Sharon's fate.

The jury asks to review Beiden's testimony about seeing Sharon fleeing the scene. This news gets Sharon quite agitated because she believes that the jury is leaning towards a conviction. After three long days of deliberation, the jury returns a verdict of not guilty.

As Sharon leaves the courthouse, a woman hurls epithets at her and spits in her face. She wonders if she will ever be able to live peacefully again.

Felicia Norell interviews Jimmy and Sharon on her tv show that evening, and reveals that the polls show that most Americans think that Sharon has gotten away with murder.

The firm hosts a victory party at the office. Sharon locks herself in the bathroom. At Sally's urging, Jimmy breaks the door down and finds Sharon dead, lying in a pool of blood with her wrists slashed.

Frank tells Jimmy that a mob hitman named Carmine D'Nardis is in custody on a homicide charge and wants Jimmy to represent him. When Frank tells D'Nardis that Jimmy isn't interested, D'Nardis tells Frank that he has information on the Van Allan-Donovan murders and that time is of the essence, because the mob has put out a hit on D'Nardis. When Jimmy meets with him, D'Nardis offers to clear 12 homicides for the L.A.P.D., including the Van Allan-Donovan murders, and testify against the head of the local crime family in exchange for immunity and relocation.

After Jimmy assures Garfield that the positive press he'll get for clearing these homicides and convicting high-level mobsters will pave his way to the U.S. Senate, Garfield takes the deal.

Carmine gives Det. Biggio everything he promised, and tells Jimmy that he killed Van Allan and Donovan.
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