Murder One

Season 2 Episode 6

Chapter Six, Year Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Judge Bell grants Miriam's motion that all of Larry White's testimony be stricken because there was no opportunity to cross-examine him, but denies her motion to quash Garfield's subpoena.

On the stand, Garfield admits that he knew Terry Philbrick, but denies that he ever said that the only way to beat Tom Van Allan is to have him killed. He also denies knowing Larry White.

Laura thanks Jimmy for clearing her name and getting her job back, even though she's going to resign immediately. She tells him that he was right about Dietrich, and to be careful of him.

Holding up his end of the deal, Jimmy gives Dietrich the video tape of his attempted bribe outside the courtroom. When Dietrich takes the stand and denies trying to bribe him, Jimmy asks what's on the video tape in his pocket. Dietrich's silence speaks volumes.

Frank catches Donny McKee trying to skip town and drags him into the office. Jimmy warns McKee that if he doesn't testify, Jimmy won't go to bat for him with the D.A., which means he'll probably do 15 years on the drug charges. McKee sees the wisdom of cooperating with Jimmy, and testifies about getting beaten by two thugs who tell him to stay away from Marlee.

Jimmy meets with Samantha's psychiatrist, who confirms that Samantha was having an affair with Van Allan and that Caroline's family had that information in the notes she was forced to release to them during the lawsuit.

Upset about her subpoena, Caroline storms into Jimmy's office, and he brushes her off. When Justine asks Jimmy if she should take over when Caroline is on the stand, Jimmy tells her that his relationship with Caroline is over. Justine then confesses that she has a crush on Jimmy.

Caroline files a complaint against Jimmy for witness tampering, claiming that he seduced her in an attempt to convince her to change her testimony. Judge Bell denies Miriam's request to have Jimmy removed from the case, but assures her that Jimmy's conduct will be investigated as soon as the trial is over.

Caroline takes the stand and denies knowing that her husband had an affair with her sister Samantha. Jimmy forces her to admit that shortly after her family came into possession of the psychiatrist's notes, she stopped sleeping with her husband. Jimmy, noting that Tom Van Allan was killed shortly thereafter, asks Caroline if she killed him in a fit of rage over the affair and her sister's suicide after Van Allan dumped her.

Sharon Rooney tearfully testifies in her own defense. She says that she received a call from one of Tom's aides who told her that Tom wanted to meet her at the beach house. When she arrived, she went up the back stairs to the bedroom, as usual, and found the bodies of Van Allan and Donovan. Horrified and in shock, she ran to her car and drove aimlessly until she hit another car and was arrested.

When Jimmy asks her what she meant when she jumped up claiming that she was the guilty one, Sharon says that she meant that she was guilty of killing her baby, not Van Allan and Donovan. She says that she has been praying to God for forgiveness for aborting her baby and cheating on her husband. She states that she doesn't want the jury to convict her, but that if she is convicted, at least she'll be with her baby.

Rickey Latrell is arrested. At his arraignment, Chris enters a not guilty plea and requests bail, which is denied.

Garfield wins the election for governor.