Murder One

Season 1 Episode 16

Chapter Sixteen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ted Hoffman is having dinner alone in the hotel restaurant when he gets approached by a beautiful woman who wants to take him to her room. Hoffman recognises another ploy by Richard Cross.

Gary Blondo says he wants to testify for Neil, claiming he was such a wonderful kind-hearted person. Hoffman points out that Blondo's anecdotes won't cancel out the damaging evidence the prosecution has put forth.

Arnold Spivak finds a way to introduce Jessica's diary as evidence in the case. It should be seen as a business journal, because Jessica tended to note down how much her gentlemen friends paid her. Judge Bornstein agrees with the defense motion, much to the annoyance of Miriam Grasso. The result is that several important men now have to testify about their relationship with the young girl.

Justine and Arnold keep prepping Julie for her testimony. When she has to talk about her sexual relationship with Richard, she drops a bombshell. Apparently she never had sex with Richard; he just like to hear about her affairs with others. Richard Cross walks into the office with a puppy for Julie.

After all the embarrassing testimonies of his friends, Blondo claims he's too ill to testify; he was taken to hospital with chest pains. Annie is angry when she sees a tabloid sporting a photo of Teddy and Francesca.

One evening, Richard Cross asks Justine once again to help him convince Julie to take him back. Little does he know that Julie is seducing Arnold in the office. When Julie returns to Justine's apartment after the tryst, she finds Richard waiting there for her.

The next morning Julie goes missing. Rusty Arnold testifies about Blondo's relationship with Jessica. He claims there was nothing going on, but Blondo asked him to keep Jessica away from him. Ray Velacek shows photos of a very fit Gary Blondo in hospital, going about his usual business. Judge Bornstein orders the Hollywood producer to come to court at once.

Blondo puts on a big show in court, denying that he ever supplied Jessica with drugs in return for sex. Julie calls her lawyers, assuring them she's fine.

During her testimony Julie refuses to answer questions about Cross, saying they have just been married.

Meanwhile, Hoffman and Annie visit a marriage consellor.